Thursday, March 30th, 2006

APress Advocates Ajax in Two New Books

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Hot on the heels of the momentum that Ajax has generated all across the web, book publishers have been clamoring to get as much Ajax-related material out as they can. They’ve looked at a variety of subjects, ranking in skill level from the basic and the simple all the way out to highly complex, creating tomes that almost contain too much information. Thankfully, there are a lot of publishers that find that balance between overpowering you with content and skimping on the details – such as APress. Personally, I haven’t had a book of theirs I didn’t like – and they have two new books to add to the Ajax book line-up – “Foundations of Ajax” and “Ajax Patterns and Best Practices”.

Foundations of Ajax starts from the ground level, providing meaning to what Ajax is and how you can use it from a real “in the trenches” point of view. They don’t try to taech you how to make a web application from scratch. The focus is more on bringing the pre-existing application to life with a splash of Ajax. They use specific examples and explainations that help you, piece by piece, create these bits of Ajax, and carry you through to more and more advanced applications.

You can check out a sample chapter on APress’ site – Building the Ultimate Ajax Developer’s Toolbox

Ajax Patterns and Best Practices takes a little bit different path than the previous book. It looks at some of the tride and true methods to build parts of your application and what those methods look like. It details both sides of the Ajax equation, the client and server-sides, and focuses on a server-side REST implementation for the Ajax script to work from. They mesh the two, creating simple applications that can be used anywhere there’s a compliant browser.

You can check out a sample chapter on APress’ site – Content Chunking Pattern

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