Monday, June 11th, 2007

Aptana IDE adds AIR support

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Adding support for AIR feels kinda funny to write. I guess Aptana wants to be life support for Ajax development (boom, boom). The Aptana IDE now supports Adobe AIR:

This means that Ajax developers can now use our IDE to build desktop apps seamlessly using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some of the features we added to the Aptana IDE to add support for Adobe AIR include:

  • AIR Project contains all necessary files for out-of-the box launching of Adobe AIR applications
  • Export wizard for bundling and deploying Adobe AIR applications
  • Easy import of Ajax libraries into Adobe AIR projects
  • Integrated content assist for Adobe AIR SDK
  • Help and online documentation

Aptana Air

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:11 am

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it’s great
i’ll have a try at once

Thanks again for your help

Comment by wow power leveling — June 12, 2007

supported platforms except win32?

Comment by janm — June 12, 2007

Also Mac OS X.

Comment by Kevin Sawicki — June 12, 2007

And it works fine in Ubuntu Linux as well as every other Linux OS that has a Java Virtual Machine which runs Eclipse.

Comment by yJ — June 13, 2007


Comment by prash — July 24, 2007

please send some help for aptana

Comment by prash — July 24, 2007

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