Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Aptana Jaxer 1.0 RC

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The Jaxer team has released a release candidate for Jaxer 1.0.

Here a synopsis of all the new features and improvements that have gone into this latest release candidate:

  • Jaxer.Sandbox: HTTP-level control; support readyState, toHTML, waitForCompletion
  • Built-in, extensible dispatching for RESTful and RPC service requests
  • Fast, native JSON support
  • Improved APIs for HTTP Request and Response
  • More flexible handling of application configuration
  • Many bug fixes, smaller improvements, and cleanups

They are moving pretty fast, so are looking for feedback before they wrap up a final 1.0 release.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:12 am

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Wow, well done guys!

Is there any guidance for large projects, ie, breaking things up into files, modules, etc?

Also a (very) quick search hasn’t releaved any unit/functional testing support – is there any?

A plugin architecture to allow 3rd party contribs would be nice too :-)

Comment by mcm211 — October 8, 2008


Regarding large projects, we have several projects underway now to offer various higher-level frameworks: an ActiveRecord implementation for ORM, more generally a Rails-like MVC, and others. We’re also building our own larger apps that we’ll discuss openly and use to guide our own thinking about the best ways to structure larger Jaxer apps. We don’t necessarily want to go down the same road as other, back-end-oriented frameworks because Jaxer allows much smoother interactions between client and server and with a true Ajax-y flow — we’d like to take full advantage of that.

For unit/functional testing, we actually use and bundle a lightweight framework we call testRunner, that automatically discovers and runs tests on the server, the browser, and the callback phases. We haven’t yet had a chance to document it and make it even easier for you to use it for your own apps, but we hope to do so soon. In the meanwhile, you can explore in your Aptana Jaxer’s installation folder under jaxer/aptana/diagnostics to find testRunner.html, unitTesting*.js, and the unit_tests_* folders.

As for plugins, we have an extensibility model we call, oddly enough, “extensions” ;-) Again we’re in the process of documenting that. In fact, docs have been the longest pole in the tent for this release. You can drop your extensions in the local_jaxer/extensions folder and they’ll get picked up when Jaxer starts up. Default extensions are shipped in the jaxer/framework/extensions folder. There’s a few default examples bundled in the latest RC — a generic services dispatcher for handling any kind of web services (e.g. RESTful ones), and an RPC dispatcher in case you don’t want to use the regular page-based Jaxer callback RPC mechanism.

Comment by Uri — October 8, 2008

Awesome – thanks for the pointers :-)

(I appreciate there is a lot going on, but documentation (eg, re: testing), even if it’s a simple example with a pointer to more examples in your source code repo, would be nice – “we” are busy/lazy, often too busy/lazy to download the product and explore :-))

I’m keeping a keen eye on this project and can’t wait to see what comes out of the higher level frameworks effort.

Comment by mcm211 — October 9, 2008

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