Friday, October 31st, 2008

Aptana Jaxer 1.0 released, brings together the Aptana trinity

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Paul Colton of Aptana has announced the Jaxer 1.0 release. This comes on the heels of the general availability of Aptana Cloud, and of course their Studio product that ties things together.

First, Jaxer 1.0:

If you’ve already been using Jaxer you’re likely familiar with its database, file system and socket APIs and its ability to not only run JavaScript and process the HTML DOM at the server, but also to expose server-side functions to the Web such that a HTML page can call back to those functions directly from the Web page. Thus Ajax communications could not be any easier with Jaxer: You just write a server-side function, “proxy it” with one line of code, then call it from the Web browser as if that function were part of the web page. Jaxer handles the client/server communications, data transformations, and provides the client-side function with its return value (either synchronously or asynchronously).

Recently we’ve added even more capabilities based on community feedback. These including support for RESTful APIs as well as native support for JSON to supplement the E4X (XML for JavaScript) support that’s been there all along (thank you Mozilla!). The combination of these means you can easily create RESTful services that can be consumed by a wide array of Ajax applications, Web gadgets, Facebook or OpenSocial apps, and even Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight based apps since those support JavaScript too. Plus mobile devices like the Apple iPhone and phones from other manufacturers are nearly all supporting JavaScript and Ajax. As you can imagine we’re excited to see JavaScript become more and more the lingua franca of Web applications. It’s already ubiquitous on the client side and now you can use it confidently on the server side.

We sat down with Paul, Uri Sarid (CTO), and Kevin Hakman (Director of Evangelism) to talk about this release in particular as well as the other recent news and the grand plan.

We have the audio directly available, or you can subscribe to the podcast.

There are a series of nice new screencasts to give you a quick feel for it all. Learn more about Jaxer, Cloud, and Studio.

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that’s wonderful. unfortunately i uninstalled my aptana since it seems to make my eclipse install unstable lately…

i just dont have time to debug errors during the day.

Comment by ilazarte — October 31, 2008

You’re probably referring to issues you’re having with Aptana Studio, not Aptana Jaxer? I’m sorry you’re seeing instabilities there, but if you’d care to share any information on what you’re seeing, either on our support system or on our forums we’d be eager to help.

Meantime, I hope you enjoy Jaxer.

Comment by Uri — November 2, 2008

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