Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Aptana Milestone 9 now available

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Bill Manning, Aptana’s new product manager, just buzzed me about the Milestone 9 update to the Aptana editor. This new release includes:

  • Increased PHP support includes Code Assist on PHP functions and parameters, improved PHP syntax colorization, and a PHP outliner.
  • Updates to the latest known publicly available “current” versions of many of the Ajax frameworks including Prototype and jQuery
  • Improved JavaScript Outliner

Aptana just keeps getting better and better. Between their recent enhancements to support iPhone application development & their no-brainer wizard for building Adobe AIR apps, its really becoming one of the strongest players in the IDE space.

Be sure to review the release notes for more details.

Posted by Rey Bango at 3:10 pm

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Who cares so much about PHP support? It’s a deading, antiquated language.

Comment by Mike Henke — August 28, 2007

Antiquated? ahm do you know PHP?

Excelent! I can leave now jEdit.

Comment by elalecs — August 28, 2007

Why the JavaScript action Wrap in Comment does not toggle? Instead it wraps the comment in another comment. Toggling should remove the comment.

Comment by Les — August 28, 2007

Eclipse variants are still too slow for my general use, but Aptana is an excellent solution when you’re using a Java environment (which I am). Aptana has quite a few useful features that aren’t in most IDE’s though.

Comment by Andy Kant — August 28, 2007

Does anyone have any experience in how this new version of Aptana stacks up against other PHP eclipse plug-ins (like PHPEclipse or PDT?) for PHP development?

Comment by Andrew Jessup — August 28, 2007

yesterday, i did the update. after that, aptana stopped working. i have seen this problem in previous versions of aptana. their updates never worked properly.

but i liked the aptana IDE. i dont like it when updating it which makes me to think it is bullshit.

Comment by beyondwork — August 29, 2007

What I wonder about: Aptana claims to support so many things, but is it just colorization + code hints? Because there is another PHP plugin for Eclipse (http://www.zend.com/pdt), why should I choose Aptana, and how would it all fit together?

Comment by Mike — August 29, 2007

PHP is the PowerBuilder of tomorrow… it’s about to die a long, painful death.

Comment by fretlessjazz — August 29, 2007

@andrew dunno about against other php ecplise plugins, though i’d venture a guess and say quite well cos i was really disapointed with phpecplise. i’ve recently brought a copy of phped from nusphere.com and i have to say it’s absolutely solid. It’s quite freaky how it can find all the variables in local scope when you’re using cakePHP since it’s doing a lot of backward includes. also comes with an embedded webserver

@fretlessjazz – i’ve been hearing that for so long but php isn’t exactly dieing. obviously it’s not the greatest language in the world but it’s good enough for websphere and there are more open source solutions coded for that then any other language. php has a bad rap almost purely because its too easy to code in and there is a lot of awful developers and code out there. however with the latest wave of frameworks (cakephp, symphony, etc) this means that even poor programmers can code that is solid and secure.

People keep saying it’s going to die but it would take another dynamic language thats easy to code in and has massive community support to superseed it and there simply isn’t anything else out there anywhere in the same league right now. Ruby .Net is about the only thing that i think that has a chance

Comment by Steve BOyd — August 29, 2007

Is Aptana an Eclipse Plugin rather a stand alone IDE? I have seen screen shots and it’s really excited to know that there is an IDE for Javascript. Importing toolkits seems a good feature. I would like to know that is it possible to import custom Libraries within this system or not?

@Mike, you are kidding about php, No?

Comment by Adnan Siddiqi — August 29, 2007

@Steve BOyd -Php easy??? You got to be kidding…The only thing that keeps php alive is that is free and runs on any linux with apache .

Comment by Rodrigo — August 29, 2007

Rodrigo: PHP is easy in the sense that a complete newbie can start with a HTML page in which they embed a few snippets of code. Then, as they learn more, they can gradually expand the code, until it inverts and suddenly they have a PHP page that uses a templating engine to pull in the HTML, like you would have in “evolved” languages like ruby or python.

Comment by Joeri — August 29, 2007

My aptana has also not been working properly since a recent update. I can no longer connect to any of my ftp servers though any other app I use still connect fine. Aptana tries and tries and I end up having to kill the process. Frustrating…

Comment by physio — August 29, 2007

Aptana has a cool ftp setup used to “synchronize” files with several options such as a upload, download, and a “Sync Manager” (only upload, download, or both). I also like the Aptana File View except it doesn’t have SVN support.

@Adnan Siddiqi
Aptana is both an eclipse plugin or a stand alone IDE with installs for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Comment by Mike Henke — August 29, 2007

Aptana is a standalone version of Eclipse and was originally intended as a JavaScript framework, but its a good HTML editor as well. The colorization is much better than it was in previous versions. I haven’t really tried out the PHP functionality but PDT does a good job with PHP and will be 1.0 final soon. PHP is far from dead, there are tons of good libraries (simplepie), web apps, and new frameworks available for it. It may not have the buzz it once did, but its still has a lot of new stuff coming out that is awesome.

Check out some aptana video tutorials

Comment by Jive — August 29, 2007

@Jive check out the download page. ECLIPSE PLUGIN and standalone installs (other installs maybe based on Eclipse).


Comment by Mike Henke — August 29, 2007

@Rodrigo, Joeri
I am a product of exactly what Joeri describes. With a background in HTML, JS, and C (among others), it was extremely easy to pick up PHP (especially with its recent OO style) to write some simple backend database code, and ample resources and open-source programs helped me along the way. Now, I don’t know how I ever lived without coding PHP, if only to provide graceful AJAX degradation. Wait, the PHP-JSON extension is invaluable too. Now I’m coding both jQuery and PHP together and it’s wild keeping my $’s in order, but that’s where the IDE is a lifesaver.
The only other server-side language I can think of with such widespread availability might be ASP, and of course MS does not need more of my $$$.

More on topic, I prefer Komodo, which long has had great support PHP and jQuery, among a long list of languages – but Aptana seems to be faster on the bleeding-edge iPhone and AIR apps (which I don’t quite have a use for yet). Why do bleeding-edge coders love Aptana so much? I have d/led it but haven’t had the time to install and learn a new app.

Comment by Charles — August 29, 2007

Make that not-so-bleeding edge, they’re still on jQuery 1.1.3, while Komodo hit 1.1.4 near-instantly!

Comment by Charles — August 29, 2007

I’m quite happy using the Aptana Plugin for Eclise, if it weren’t so darn slow sometimes, especially when editing PHP-Files. Hopefully this release will change this ^^

Comment by Christian Decker — August 31, 2007

You may have not been briefed on the fact that Aptana changed their license, and are no longer open source:

Comment by Phil — September 4, 2007

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