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Aptana reaches 1.0, breaks out of milestone phase

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The very popular Aptana IDE has finally broken out of the milestone phase and reached version 1.0.

We are very proud to have released Aptana Studio 1.0 (formerly Aptana IDE). After over two years of non-stop development and close to a million downloads, we have finally reached “1.0”. Along with the release of 1.0, we have also created two editions of the product: Community and Professional. The Community Edition is the keystone of the Studio product, where all core features and capabilities are developed. The Professional Edition brings additional features and services beyond the free Community edition.

The newly renamed Aptana Studio 1.0 Community Edition will continue to be feature-rich but in looking at the product comparison page, a robust Internet Explorer JavaScript debugger alone would be reason enough to consider purchasing a copy of the Professional edition.

Internet Explorer® Debugging

The Internet Explorer Debugging extension enables full breakpoint debugging for your Web applications directly from within Aptana Studio. Like the already integrated Firefox debugging capabilities of Studio, you can now watch variables, set conditional breakpoints, and seamlessly step through your code in Internet Explorer 6 or 7 on Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Aptana Studio 1.0 continues to provide strong support for the most popular JavaScript libraries including:

as well as plugin enhancements for Rails, PHP, Adobe AIR and iPhone development. Additional features included in the release are:

  • CSS Preview
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Formatting
  • Code drag and drop
  • Visual ScriptDoc Explorer
  • Enhanced Dynamic Help System
  • Tons of User Interface Polish

For more information on the the Aptana Studio v1.0, be sure to visit the Aptana product page for full details on both editions.

Congratulations to the Aptana team for a great release!

NOTE: If you plan on upgrading, be sure to follow the instructions detailed by Aptana on this page.

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And once again MooTools is not included in the list of popular Javascript libraries. Does Ajaxian have a grudge or something agains Mootools? Last time i checked it definately WAS in the list of supported libraries…

Comment by SchizoDuckie — October 31, 2007

@SchizoDuckie: I pulled the list of supported JS libs directly from their home page. If they do support MooTools, unfortunately its not shown on their homepage. Otherwise, I would’ve listed it. Go to the home page and select the “Bundled Ajax Libraries” option and you’ll see what I used as reference.

Comment by Rey Bango — October 31, 2007

@SchizoDuckie: Don’t have a cow man!

Comment by GMFlash — October 31, 2007

@Mootools fanboys: Stop beeing like SchizoDuckie all over the place, thanks.

Comment by Trulli — October 31, 2007

By the way it would nice to know, why they dropped mootools out of the supported libraries.

Comment by Andreas — October 31, 2007

@Andreas: I installed Aptana v1.0 and checked via the IDE itself. MooTools v1.11 is in there along with Rico 2.0 and Aflax 1.0. It appears that it’s just not listed on the home page.

Comment by Rey Bango — October 31, 2007

The home page libraries list is just a ‘highlight’ of items, not an inclusive list. We’ll continue to add more libraries and keep the ones we have updated.

Comment by Paul Colton — October 31, 2007

@Paul: Thank you for clarifying that Paul.

Comment by Rey Bango — October 31, 2007

That’s way cool, it’s a pitty they don’t have some automated process to export/import the preferences, etc. Especially if you have custom color schemes for editing …
But otherwise – go Aptana !

Comment by Marin — October 31, 2007

@Marin: You can save your preferences by following the instructions on this link: Towards the bottom of the page, it discusses how to save them.

Comment by Rey Bango — October 31, 2007

I was so excited to hear about this until I discovered that it’s just a spiffed up version of the deathly slow, click and hang, Eclipse IDE. There don’t seem to be any improvements on speed because it takes over a minute just to start up on an Athlon 3500+ with 2GB RAM.

Comment by Brian — October 31, 2007


My bad :) I thought you had combined the list of libraries yourself as i didn’t see those references in the original blogpostings on the apatana site.

Comment by SchizoDuckie — October 31, 2007

I like Aptana, I do, but I think dropping FTPS and SFTP Support from the free version is a bad idea. What intelligent person uses FTP across the web nowadays? After having unauthorized access to my webhost account due to using cleartext usernames/passwords via FTP, I’ll never use it again unless I’m on a network closed off from the Intarweb.

Comment by James Asher — October 31, 2007

@SchizoDuckie: No sweat my man. :)

Comment by Rey Bango — October 31, 2007

Awesome. Aptana has quickly become my frontend IDE of choice.

Comment by Will Peavy — October 31, 2007

@ James Asher
Full ack.
Dropping the SFTP Support from the community editions is extremly annoying !
The should have taken the whole Adobe Air stuff into the Pro version instead.
Considering the fact that I would have to pay $ 99 for SFTP, ’cause I’m not interested in the other ‘goodies’ of the pro version and that the Ruby and Rails development is quite slow due to the fact that it’s just backed by 1 developer, I’m just disappointed about this news.
It’s a pitty, that Netbeans (6) has no integrated SFTP. That would make the switch quite easy.

Comment by Joshua — October 31, 2007

Congrats on the release. I stopped using Aptana because (like Brian said), Eclipse is extremely slow. Its too bad though, Aptana has a great feature list that I would love to see in a faster app, it just isn’t fast enough to keep up with me.

Comment by Andy Kant — October 31, 2007

@Paul: Congratulations. I was impressed with Aptana pre 1.0. I think it’s time I visted Aptana again ;).

Comment by Olmo Maldonado — October 31, 2007

We added another section of bundled Ajax libs now and added the few that were missing. (This is on the home page.)

Comment by Paul Colton — October 31, 2007

I agree, dropping STFP was a big mistake. I am using the last version of Aptana before 1.0, and there is no way I will upgrade now.

It is very difficult to find a free IDE/text editor that supports SFTP … anyone know of anything else?

Comment by brent — October 31, 2007

@Paul: Any news about Aflax ? It’s support in Aptana ?
There were some posts about version two. But forum and blog are not much active.
Thanks for exmplanation.

Comment by Matt — October 31, 2007

The Pro version of aptana uses a different plugin for SFTP/FTPS support than the one they previously used.
The old plugin (included in every version prior to 1.0) will still be available for the Community edition, though it won’t be updated anymore

Comment by Max Steenbergen — October 31, 2007

Since it is all within Eclipse there’s nothing stopping you from just installing a separate SFTP plugin.

Comment by Rich Waters — October 31, 2007

If you’re on windows I highly recommend webdrive for SFTP. It will map any FTP, SFTP or Webdav site to a real network drive so you edit files directly on the site from any windows application. I’ve been using it for all my development projects for many years now and couldn’t imagine living without.

Comment by Daniel Staver — November 1, 2007

@Max Steenbergen:
Really ?
When I updated, it removed all my sftp projects from my workspace, asking me to pay if I want to access them… WTF ?
Do you know where I could get this old sftp plugin ?

I really hope someone makes a trully opensource distro of this tool with sftp and forks aptana.

Comment by Jonathan — November 4, 2007


I just gave a course in XHTML och CSS (and a little PHP) to upper secondary students. I had them use Aptana cause I wanted to present them with a product that they could use legally without paying. (I didn’t want to teach them Dreamweaver since I felt that they wouldn’t be in the positioning of buying it for quite some time, especially not since I encouraged them not to use WYSIWYG features.)

I was a little embarrassed by having Aptana’s bugginess in the SFTP features (you know sometimes the connection died out, without saying anything). I’d have been glad to find that a stable version now was released, if it wasn’t so that the SFTP feature was dropped from the free version… making it a really poor choice for my students.

Please listen to us Aptana devs! Put the SFTP back into the community version of Aptana, instead you could take out some more features used mostly by professionals into the pro version. SFTP is for everyone, not only pros… you’ll lose a lot of users (maybe even including me) until you correct this problem.

cheers, Simon

Comment by Simon Rönnqvist — November 6, 2007

OK, Aptana is forgiven… :) There is a free unsupported plug-in for SFTP support… however I’d appreciate if it’d come readily installed with the community edition.

cheers, Simon

Comment by Simon Rönnqvist — November 6, 2007

Thanks ! That’s what I was searching for :)
Yeah, they are forgiven !

Comment by Jonathan — November 7, 2007

Aptana is awesome, they should put back the SFTP though…

Comment by Web Design NY — November 17, 2007

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