Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

ASP.NET Ajax-aware JavaScript IntelliSense

Category: .NET, Atlas

A new release of Visual Studio “Orcas” shows off the intellisense features nicely, including:

  • Proactive Completion List: No more waiting for ‘.’
  • Keywords in Completion List: fun your way to function
  • ASP.NET AJAX Concepts in Completion List: Direct support for Atlas
  • IntelliSense from Script Libraries for ASPX Pages: Now you can see objects that exist in other external script files

This comes along with the release of an updated Ajax Control Toolkit.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:00 am

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Great news! I am looking forward to this kind of editor

Comment by Venkat — March 7, 2007

Looks cool. Just a reminder that Aptana is still under very active development and does similar intellisense quite nicely, too.

Comment by Steve Nolte — March 7, 2007

I prefer Aptana to be honest, seems easier to use.

But this does look interesting and promising.

Comment by Dougal Matthews — March 7, 2007

Visual Studio just keeps getting better every iteration. Just wish there were more IDE’s out there with intellisense/autocomplete that is as fast and complete as Visual Studio’s implementation.

Aptana looks pretty slick, but I hate using the Eclipse variants on Windows where there’s better alternatives. Java just eats up too many resources.

Comment by Andy Kant — March 7, 2007

I don’t like Aptana. Visual Studio 2005 is fantastic. I can’t wait for more comprehensive JavaScript intellisense.

Comment by Richard Kimber — March 7, 2007

I really want this like yesterday…

Comment by Will — March 7, 2007

Javascript Intellisense is greatly enhanced in the Beta 2 release of Visual Studio 2008. Check out this blog for more:

Comment by Sameer Chabungbam — August 1, 2007

very intresting

Comment by Tribulus — October 1, 2008

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