Monday, October 23rd, 2006

ASP.NET: Replacing HTML without UpdatePanel

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Scott Guthrie has posted a discussion of injecting HTML into a page in ASP.Net, without using UpdatePanels.

Usually when I integrate AJAX functionality into my code I just end up using the built-in server controls that ASP.NET AJAX provides (UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress, etc) and the cool controls in the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit.  Scott Hanselman had jokingly called using these AJAX controls “cheating” when he interviewed me two weeks ago for his latest podcast – since they don’t require that you write any client-JavaScript for most common scenarios.

This weekend I decided to focus my coding on some of the client JavaScript pieces in the ASP.NET AJAX framework that don’t use UpdatePanels at all, and to experiment with alternative ways to use the server to easily generate HTML UI that can be dynamically injected into a page using AJAX.  In the process I created what I think is a pretty useful library that can be used with both ASP.NET AJAX and other AJAX libraries to provide a nice template UI mechanism with ASP.NET, and which doesn’t use or require concepts like postbacks or viewstate – while still providing the benefits of control encapsulation and easy re-use.

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HTML nunca va a desaparecer, es el esqueleto de toda pagina, es indispensable.

Comment by Jose — October 24, 2006

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