Friday, August 12th, 2005

Asynchronous client script callbacks

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Paul Glavich has written about the ASP.NET asynchronous client script callbacks.

Paul builds an example using the MS technology and then compares to Ajax.NET:

Asynchronous client script callbacks are a powerful feature, but they can be limiting. You can only pass a string to the server-side method, for example, and only return a string. This simplistic data exchange can be a source of frustration when more complex data exchange is required.

In addition, multiple controls on a page require asynchronous processing methods. So for asynchronous processing of multiple elements, you must look at custom ways to split the string into multiple elements to serve the requirements of the page.

Although the ASP.NET V2.0 implementation falls short in flexibility, it is provided out of the box, which means many developers will use it by default. Microsoft is now looking at ways to enhance the functionality of the feature.

In contrast, AJAX.NET provides a robust, full-featured implementation for V1.0 and V1.1 of the .NET framework. The free library supports a number of data types within .NET and uses an attribute-based mechanism for multiple asynchronous method support.

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