Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Atlas: More on the Interface Builder of the Web

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<p>We are really excited about Atlas. The great 280North team have continued their trajectory in first building Objective C for the Web (Objective J), then Cocoa (Cappuccino) , and now Interface Builder (Atlas).

Although we won’t see the live Atlas for a couple more months, Francisco Tolmasky has kindly written up more details for us to look over, including more video:

Read more and you will learn:

  • The WYSIWYG world of Atlas
  • The new world of Layout: Atlas provides a new take on web layout that make it easy to define precisely the behavior you want, while simultaneously doing away with existing browser inconsistencies.
  • Less Glue: A common problem that has plagued layout editors in the past is the need for additional glue code to “talk” to the generated interface.
  • Model View Controller Built-In: Cappuccino is a Model-View-Controller framework, and Atlas takes this idea to the next level by allowing you to not only create visual elements, but abstract models and controllers as well. By allowing you to interact directly with the objects in your program visually, you can focus on building unique interactions instead of learning a myriad of APIs.
  • Multi-Platform Support: With Atlas, it is drop dead simple to create a unique and custom interface for different platforms like the web browser and the iPhone.

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Not only does this look great for the web, but the general interface is far and away better that pretty much anything I’ve seen for desktop UI development. I’m really excited about getting a chance to try this out….

Comment by DanielN — March 2, 2009

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