Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

Audible Ajax Episode 10: Interview with the Zimbra team

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Zimbra came out with a bang, and was of the few initial Ajax applications that had people talking about how rich we could get with open standards-based web applications.

We had the pleasure of talking to two leads on the Zimbra team about their experiences building a rich Ajax application.

What we learn on the podcast

  • Why you would choose Ajax over Flash, even a couple of years ago (before Ajax was coined)
  • What libraries Zimbra got to use and create for their application needs
  • The pain that Zimbra felt with a rich JavaScript application
  • How to test JavaScript applications
  • Performance implications of innerHTML vs. DOM
  • Server side architectural issues
  • Practicalities of going from traditional coarse grained requests to lots of smaller requests?
  • Ways in which Zimbra implemented a caching model in the client
  • How the MVC paradigm work with Ajax applications
  • How to partition your Ajax applications
  • Techniques for offline capability
  • What airline gives you get wireless access
  • Why Zimbra bothered to choose the email problem again
  • How email is broken
  • What Ajax allowed Zimbra to accomplish
  • The opinion of JavaScript as a language and a platform
  • Issues when using JavaScript on a large application, and the “Object has no properties” error
  • Whether we are going to see JavaScript on the server more and more
  • Whether we are seeing the network computing vision come to live with Web 2.0

Download the mp3 directly

Do you have any questions for the Zimbra team? If so put them in the comments here and we will get them on to answer!

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