Monday, January 9th, 2006

Audible Ajax Episode 12: Thomas Fuchs of

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The most popular opensource Ajax JavaScript frameworks are Dojo and Prototype/

Some of the first “wow” moments were due to the effects created by Thomas Fuchs in his library that builds on top of Prototype. Many people didn’t realise that with one line of JavaScript code they could get such a nice effect to happen, and now ugly developer-created sites have a chance ;)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Thomas, an we got to discuss his frameworks, and gain knowledge from his experience.

What you will learn in this podcast

  • How was born out of a real project
  • Why Rails was chosen for Fluxiom
  • Where Rails shines with Ajax
  • The new RJS templates feature that makes Ajax even easier
  • The difference between Prototype and
  • How is available in Rails 1.0
  • Future plans for
  • When you should use the cool effects, and when you should not
  • About drag and drop and web usability
  • Challenges that Thomas has faced with his Ajax projects
  • Why you would choose an Ajax application versus using other technologies such as Flash
  • How hard it is to build a very rich Ajax application
  • How to handle browser differences
  • Experiences with DOM manipulation and innerHTML
  • How naming collisions are not as much of an issue in recent builds of Prototype

Download Episode 12 as an MP3

Posted by Dion Almaer at 1:05 am

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[…] Bei Ajaxian gibt es im “Audible Ajax Podcast” ein Interview mit dem Autor der Scriptaculous Effektbibliothek, Thomas Fuchs. Mit ihr lassen sich auf einfache Art und Weise aufwändige Effekte, sowie Drag and Drop Interfaces realisieren. […]

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Great podcast – enjoyed it!

Comment by PeteCashmore — January 9, 2006


Thanks for the note. Let us know if there is anything you would like us to chat about!



Comment by Dion — January 9, 2006

[…] Ajaxian has posted a podcast of their interview with Thomas Fuchs, the creator of Ajaxian summarizes the content that is discussed: […]

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[…] Get the newest (”final”) Prototype library by getting the latest Scriptaculous library.The new stuff in Prototype 1.4 seems to be more stability fixes (extra checking before doing things), and a couple of Rubyisms: Object.succ means this + 1. inspect() to get a representation of an object or element. And there seems to be more stuff in the dept. of  positioning objects on-screen. As well as new String stuff. camelize() (thisIsCamelCase, so you know what they mean by camels), toQueryParams().All in all: more goodness. Via: Audible Ajax podcast with Scriptaculous’ author […]

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[…] Audible Ajax Episode 12: Thomas Fuchs of […]

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I have long standing question – why don’t Ajaxian podcasts find their way to the “Podcasts” section of my iPod? I have to look under Albums to find them. Is there an XML data feed element missing that would make this work correctly?

Comment by Jeffrey — January 11, 2006

Could someone please post a transcript?

Comment by George — January 13, 2006

Hi guys, I love the podcasts. Got wind of them about a month ago and have listened to every one. For those of us branching out after spending the last 15 years working on the back end, your podcasts provide a wealth of information. Keep it up.
After dabbling with audio for the last few years, I would like to pass on a suggestion: please try to get the volume between the various speakers, as well as between the speakers and the music, to be as similar as possible. For those of us who only have time to listen to this when there’s background noise (car, treadmill, plane) the big changes in volume inevitable cause me to have to crank up the volume to hear the softer voices, which of course is followed by the blaring of the louder voice or music. Applying 4:1 compression (you’ll have to dial an appropriate threshold for each voice) and then normalizing the individual speech tracks should reduce individual volume fluctuations and make mixing easier, but there’s no substitute for listening to the mix and adjusting as needed.
You might also want to get a little pop filter for your mics.

Comment by Richard Martinez — January 18, 2006


Comment by Richard Martinez — January 18, 2006

Just lost a fairly long post here thanks to a page called Kind-a-Captcha with no captcha_img. Frustrating. I guess there’s no substitute for wordsmithing in Word and then pasting.
Gist of my post: great job with the podcast, but please equalize volumes between all voices, and between voices and music. This will make it easier on the ears when we listen to it in an environment where there is background noise (car, plane, treadmill).

Comment by Richard Martinez — January 18, 2006

I have just discovered and so I download all your podcasts yesterday. For me, episodes 4 – 12 all ended abruptly. No good-bye from the host or bumper music. Is that intended? Episode 12 ended for me when Thomas was saying something really interesting and I have no idea what his final conclusion was! Sheesh!

FYI I was not using iPod to playback, just windows media player. Did I get something wrong?

Comment by Clueless Podcaster? — January 20, 2006

Is Java Too Easy or Too Hard

With all the Ruby, Python, PHP, etc… crowd talking about Java you would think that were typing out punch cards and being constantly frustrated. An example of the is the interview with Thomas Fuchs of dismissing Java out-of-hand…

Trackback by Java Entrepreneur — January 25, 2006

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Comment by 도우미 — July 18, 2006

This is the best podcast I’ve listened to in the last 6 months. Thank you.

Comment by Stacked Stone — September 7, 2006

Thanks for the note.

Comment by Trucks — November 8, 2006


Comment by Brian — November 21, 2006

very interesting.

Comment by Ryan — November 21, 2006

hi everybody.

i likve very much this page.. and i like to study all about ajax
but in my work my out ot internet throught a proxy server. and i can not download the postcast because we can not download .mp3 files.

i would like that the postcat files were in zip format..
i know that there ara a lot of people with the same problem..
so that would be good for all of us

Comment by Omar hernandez — March 1, 2007

thanks for the podcast i found it very helpful.

Comment by bob gardner — March 14, 2007

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