Monday, February 6th, 2006

Audible Ajax Episode 14: State of Ajax in Denmark

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Ben and I were in Denmark, speaking at a conference in a castle, and had a chance to record the first State of Ajax podcast of 2006.

What we cover on the podcast

Question from the community

In this episode we answered a question emailed in by Kevin Fricovsky: “What toolkit/framework do you use for your ajax applications? There just seem to be so many these days it is a bit overwhelming”

Please email podcast [at] with any feedback and especially if you have anything that you want us to chat about in future ‘casts!

Download Episode 14 as an MP3

NOTE: Thanks to Rochelle Benavides, our new producer for the show!

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:59 am

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Denmark? I guess I’ll listen, but I’m boycotting Denmark at the moment. [Hate is not a family value and all.]

Oooh. Love the live comment preview. You know, instead of having us type in those hard to read words to prove that we’re not scripts, sites could start using Ajax to verify that the comment entry bahavior mimics human typing (with all of its backspacing).

All comments my personal opinions only.

Comment by Anon Reader — February 6, 2006

Just wanted to thank Ajaxian for producing their best podcast ever. I’ll be sure to send some questions you might address in your next podcast. Idea: you could scan your e-mails of questions, select the top 3, then post a poll on ajaxian asking community to vote for which question they’d like you to address. Whatever. Anyway, great job on episode 14, much more professional.

Comment by Dave Hemminger — February 7, 2006

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