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Audible Ajax Episode 15: Kevin Hakman of TIBCO

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Ben and I had the pleasure of visiting TIBCO GI head quarters in the valley. They showed us their tools, and we got to interview Kevin Hakman about all things Ajax, including their recent announcement on pricing and features.

What we cover on the podcast

  • When did TIBCO start in the Ajax business?
  • Why did you decide to get into the Ajax business…why now?
  • What exactly is TIBCO GI? Is it a tool? Is it an API? What do you get with this?
  • Do you see people actually using the libraries separate from the GUI builder or do most customers use them directly together?
  • What does your tool do to make parsing SOAP messages easier?
  • A lot of users start with something like Prototype of Dojo for Ajax. What does TIBCO GI offer (use cases, applications?) over one of those frameworks?
  • What is the authoring experience like with your tool?
  • TIBCO GI sounds a lot like the modern incarnation of Flash (xml markup for vector-based UI, ActionScript, JavaScript event handlers). How does your tool compare? Are they similar or distinct in implementation?
  • How sophisticated is your auto-completion? How limited is it and what other IDE static-language type goodies have you given the environment?
  • The GI Builder is a JavaScript app that uses your technology (you eat your own dog food). Are you waiting for a JIT to come out to help with performance issues or are you finding in practice that JavaScript can perform adequately on the client?
  • Why is your product limited to Internet Explorer? Do you have plans to expand that?
  • What were some of the porting issues that you found going from this IE codebase to Firefox?
  • We’re excited to see a business application for some of Firefox’s newer more exotic features like SVG and Canvas. Are you going to be able to utilize some of those in your product as well?
  • Java engineers think about multi-threaded applications a lot. With JavaScript being single-threaded, do you have performance concerns? What are some techniques you’ve used to achieve this very responsive UI?
  • IE is known for its memory leaks. Does your tool handle some of those? How do you work around it?
  • Is your tool capable of creating something like Zimbra’s UI?
  • Is your tool agnostic; integrating with any backend?
  • RE: Desktop UI technologies. How competitive is your windowing system with more traditional desktop technologies? Do you acknowledge a point where someone should look at a desktop technology, or do you think your tool can facilitate the creation of arbitrarily complex user interfaces?
  • Have you done any benchmarks on what makes sense to use for exchanging data (XML, JSON, etc.)?
  • What’s the model for creating custom widgets in your tool?
  • Can you tell us about today’s release? Where to download, etc.?
  • So someone can create a free web-hosted alternative to Zimbra or MS Office using your tool to visually create it and do all the data manipulation — then release it for free?
  • Once I start charging for access to the website/product, what is the pricing model? What about charging for a commercial software product release?
  • Why should we check out your product in today’s overwhelmingly crowded toolkit/framework market?

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Just thought you might like to check out RoundCubeMail if you haven’t already. Really promissing product.

Comment by Matthew Dinkel — February 23, 2006

[…] After listening to the ajaxian podcast on TIBCO GI I had to look at this thing online, and the wao just fell out of my mouth. That is impressive! Watch the movie and you will see how easy binding SOAP services to JavaScript applications can be. And besides this toolkit is providing a complete IDE including drag’n’drop GUI building all inside the browser – pure JavaScript! […]

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