Sunday, September 17th, 2006

Audible Ajax Episode 18: The IE7 Team

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A few months ago, the Ajaxians had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Wilson, Laurel Reitman, and Dave Massey — all program managers with the IE7 team — and discuss the upcoming release. Beforehand, we solicited your questions, and in Episode 18 (~8mb, MP3 format), we ask some of those questions to the team:

– What operating systems does IE7 target? Is that controversial amongst your clients?
– What are your favorite new features in IE7?
– WhatWG vs. W3C?
– Might Microsoft participate in the WhatWG in the future?
– Why did it take so long to create a new version?
– How often are you planning on making updates to the rendering engine? Can you hotfix IE or will we have to wait years?
– How can we make our sites compatible with >=IE6 and IE7?
– What are your plans for support of SVG and Canvas?
– Are there any plans to allow XHR in IE7 to read response before it has been completely loaded?
– What improvements to the JavaScript interpreter are you making in IE7?
– Tell us more about IE-hosted WPF and WPF/E
– Is the JavaScript hack for support of PNG transparency going away?
– Have you thought about how to better solve deep-linking and history mechanism issues with Ajax?
– With all of MS’ emphasis on driving value to the Windows platform, what is the level of your commitment to the browser platform?

We hope you enjoy the program!

Note: Laurel from this podcast was at Ajax Experience San Francisco back in May, answering questions, interviewing the community, and just generally gathering feedback. I’m sure the IE7 team will be sending someone to the Boston show as well.

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I vote for more regular AA podcasts. You don’t have to interview someone everytime. Just going over the news of the week and hearing your takes on it would be great.

Comment by Sam Corder — September 18, 2006

Wonderful interview.

I also miss the more regular AA podcasts….here’s another vote.

Comment by Michael — September 18, 2006

Ajaxian IE Podcast have just released podcast of an interview that Chris, Laurel and I gave a few months…

Trackback by Dave Massy's WebLog — September 18, 2006

Yes, a “this week in ajax” podcast would be great to have!

Comment by Paradise Pete — September 18, 2006

Yeah, I’ll have to put my vote in for more regular podcasts as well. One every three to four months just isn’t enough to cause me to subscribe. I enjoyed the first few, but just when you get us hooked you take four months off! Bad manners. Consistency would be nice, and then I might consider subscribing again…

Comment by Eddie — September 18, 2006

Great interview. I really enjoyed it!

Comment by Oliver Tse — September 19, 2006

Why is it that the iTunes podcast isn’t complete?

Comment by JP Loh — October 13, 2006

I would love to hear more audible ajax podcasts. I’d like to echo another poster’s comment/request: Why have you guys stopped uploading these podcasts to iTunes? The latest on iTunes is episode 16. I’d much rather subscribe to them there.

Comment by Matt — November 16, 2006

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