Monday, December 4th, 2006

Audible Ajax Episode 19: The TIBCO GI Team

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Dion and I have long been impressed with the nifty, robust and very ajaxian UI magic that TIBCO brought to the Web with their GI tool… but we weren’t so excited about the nifty, robust price tag nor it being IE-only. As we covered a while back, TIBCO recently open-sourced their product — and not with one of those “pointless-entry-level-version free, useful version spendy” schemes, either. Given this news, and the recent port to Firefox, we thought it was high time to sit down with the TIBCO guys once again.

In Episode 19 (~28MB, MP3 format), we discuss:

  • What happens to the price of your product now that its open source?
  • Why are you open sourcing TIBCO GI now? Did you fail in the marketplace?
  • Just to be clear, can I use TIBCO GI to create something like Flickr, put it on-line, and never pay you anything?
  • What’s in the new 3.2 release?
  • What motivated your port to Firefox?
  • How hard was it?
  • What other browsers do you support?
  • How well did the VML code port to SVG?
  • How does the performance of TIBCO GI apps differ on Firefox versus IE?
  • What were some of the key shortcomings preventing Safari support?
  • How much of an impact will Firefox’s upcoming JIT make on your product’s performance?
  • You used SVG instead of Canvas to render your charts in Firefox; why?
  • TIBCO GI’s IDE environment is in the browser itself; why did you make that decision?
  • How does GI fit into the Ajax ecosystem? Why use it instead of one of the other Ajax frameworks?
  • How easy could I add Scriptaculous or Dojo to a GI app today?
  • How many different UI widgets do you have? What are some of the funnest widgets you’ve done?
  • What is the architecture of TIBCO GI app like What
    server-side platforms easily integrate with a TIBCO GI view?
  • Is GI meant to build desktop apps that happen to run in a browser, or
    to build web apps?
  • Do you support Comet-style architectures?
  • How extensible is TIBCO GI? Can I start creating my own widgets and incorporating them into the IDE?
  • How is the open source project being run? Who are the committers? To whom would I submit patches?
  • How good is your project’s documentation?
  • You mentioned “pixel-perfect” fidelity between IE and Firefox with TIBCO GI apps; does GI give you full pixel-level control?

We recorded the podcast at the same time we did the screencast that we released earlier.

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It is a great toolkit. granted, a steep learning curve, but way better than dojo in my opinion (based on using dojo for 2 months). even better, there is talk of integrating dojo components into GI.

the best part of tibco is the grid/matrix, the amazing UI to drag and drop and the very good API documentation.

performance wise, there is a 1-2 second load time, but pretty speedy thereafter.

Comment by steveb — December 5, 2006

Thanks for the usefull interviews you posted.Is there any Video clips of these interview or anything about ajax in video?? Is so would you please tell me the address inorder to download.thanks so much…

Comment by hana — December 19, 2006

I learn lots of things.
Great podcast (but stop complaining on audio quality…)

Comment by Thomas P — March 27, 2007

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