Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Audible Ajax Episode 22: Joe Hewitt on Firebug, Firefox, and iUI

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This is Joe Hewitt week. We were fortunate enough to find some time to chat with Joe about a myriad of topics.

These topics ranged from:

  • Firebug: How Firebug came about, tips and tricks and hidden toys, and YSlow
  • Browsers: We had a fun chat about the history of Firefox, and how Gecko and Webkit compare these days
  • iPhone: How Joe got interested in mobile development when he never had done before
  • Misc: We also explored topics such as JavaScript 2, and how you can turn yourself into a 24 hour coding machine.

I had a really good time chatting with Joe. He is a solid bloke, and we all give him a hand for giving us Firebug.

Go ahead and listen to the interview or subscribe to the podcast.

Who would you like us to interview for upcoming shows?

Posted by Dion Almaer at 9:00 am

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How about an interview with Nate Koechley from Yahoo about the new YUI?

Comment by Jon — August 1, 2007

Nice! Thanks for this. Keep the podcasts coming, Dion, these are great …it’s awesome to hear his insights from the titans of Ajax development, like Joe Hewitt, in this format. (Firebug is great… I’m loving experimenting with iUI as well:

Comment by Mark Holton — August 1, 2007

as always, thoses damn podcasts are not text translated.

As a result my deafness don’t allow me to be aware of anything he has to say.

Why the hell do we read *everyday* *everywhere *some “tips” to improve accessibility to blind people and even to ppl with a disablity but not mine… WHY ?

Comment by pfff — August 1, 2007

pfff: Thanks for the feedback. Yours is the first request we’ve received about the accessibility of our podcasts. I’ll see what we can do about transcription. We’ve actually experimented with this in the past, but frankly we don’t have time to transcribe the casts and the two services we’ve tried generated a ton of serious typos and required a lot of clean-up.

But, now that I know some folks are feeling excluded, we may decide that faulty transcripts are better than none.

Comment by Ben Galbraith — August 1, 2007

I’m not normally into podcasts but I must admit I really liked this one because of all the Firefox+Firebug insight. Keep up the great interviews!

ps. where are all the other women doing ajax code?!
I dabble with dhtml and such but virtually no ajax skills.
I need role models!

Comment by _ck_ — August 24, 2007

Gee “I’ve just read about TIBET and am trying to make anything with it. Unfortunately its page seems to be almost dead, all links go to their home page from which you can get much ”
Gee can you tell me more about it?
My dog is eating my computer book! about a friendly dog!

Comment by Friendly Puppy — October 2, 2007

should I gain this interview on script? I try many times to listen this interview, but i don’t understand your conversation, . T-T (Because i’m korean. have poor English ability.)
If You have text-file, mail to me. plz.

Comment by Jo — October 10, 2007

Thanks for the webcast. Unfortunately the levels are way off – I have to turn the sound way up to hear the voices, and then when you guys laugh it’s so loud it blasts my eardrums. I don’t know much about audio production, but maybe you could even out these loud bits somehow?

Comment by main — January 16, 2008

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