Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Audible Ajax Episode 30: Interview with Kris Zyp

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<p>Dealing with data is one of those areas of software development that we haven’t quite gotten right yet; anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something (or has developed an open-source framework). Whether you embed SQL in your code, map objects to data via some kind of tool, mash it all up LINQ-style, or go all sci-fi with funky XML-all-the-way-down tools, each approach has a series of trade-offs and compromises that just don’t feel right.

Kris Zip, a researcher with SitePen, is throwing his hat into the ring with efforts he and others at SitePen are leading to provide Ajax developers with a fully coherent JSON stack. That is, frameworks and services that allow developers to deal entirely in JSON from the bits on the disk to the data on display.

In Audible Ajax Episode 30, Kris chats with us about the JSON work in progress, a bit on his background, and a discussion of the talks he’ll be giving at the Ajax Experience next week that covers some of this material.

We have the audio directly available, or you can subscribe to the podcast.

Kris also provided some graphics to accompany his talk:

Dojo Client Model


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This is definitely the direction many of us are heading, and it is great to see Dojo/Kris/SitePen speaking about it. JSON end to end has some serious power in it.

Comment by mpcm — September 23, 2008

Thank you for doing this.
Also, I would like to thank Kris for furthering the art of JSON. He blogs on json for free just to promote open source
Special thanks to Douglas Crockford for ‘disovering’ json so we could all use it.

Comment by OpenAjax — September 24, 2008


Comment by SteveMcGarrett — October 23, 2008

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