Thursday, December 1st, 2005

Audible Ajax Episode 9: Glenn Vanderburg Interview

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In our ninth show, we interview Glenn Vanderburg, a top class technologist, on his views on JavaScript as a programming language, and Ajax.

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This episode is very timely, giving the posting on ‘JavaScript and “Serious” Programmers’. Glenn explains the power of JavaScript (as well as some of its quirks), and how we need to take it more serious.

Show Notes

  • Introduction to Glenn Vanderburg
  • How do you feel about JavaScript?
  • What is good about JavaScript?
  • What do you think of Prototype based OO?
  • What makes peoples jaw drop when you show them some of the power of prototype JavaScript?
  • Is it wise to try to strap on class based OO on JavaScript?
  • Why does JavaScript have such a bad wrap then?
  • What are some of the nasty little quirks in JavaScript?
  • In recent versions of ECMAScript we see a bunch of changes. Where is JavaScript going?
  • Ok, so what is your view on Ajax?
  • Are there dangers with Ajax?
  • “JavaScript is another syntax for common lisp”

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is it just me or does the link to the mp3 file just time out?

using ff1.5 xpsp2 based here in ‘lovely’ raining Ireland!

EDIT ok downloading with manager but I cant seem to get it with firefox1.5?

Comment by Vito — December 1, 2005

works fine here in FF1.5 XPSP2, in sunny Holland :)
[use right click > save link as]

Comment by ninja — December 1, 2005

This one is pretty low volume. Can you try to make them louder? It’s hard to hear on my phone.


Comment by Adam Platti — December 1, 2005

SPEAK Louder, and stop brething in the microphone, you guy’s have a good thing going here but lot’s of work need’s to be done on you podcast technique.

other then that great podcast.

Comment by anyone — January 26, 2006

Is there a rule somewhere that states that technologists must be boring? Would you get some livlier people on your podcasts, pleeeease? Sank u.

Love, Uncle Paco

Comment by Pacocheese — February 21, 2006

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