Friday, July 10th, 2009

Augmented Reality is just hot, and the Web can do it

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Michael Zoellner has developed an augmented reality twitter mashup that is very cool indeed. AR is great stuff, and the Web platform is a great way to mash it up. Hopefully Apple will take the petition seriously:

The whole application is developed in Webkit (UIWebView / Safari Mobile). A native Cocoa wrapper delegates location, compass and accelerometer to Javascript in the UIWebView. The 3D scene is based on Safari Mobiles brilliant 3D CSS transforms. The Ajax part is done with jQuery. After writing some native iPhone apps this Webkit approach seems to be ideal for rapid development of applications independent of the iPhone UI.

Let’s see what Apple decides about the (semi SDK conform) video background. I already joined the AR on iPhone petition.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 5:12 am

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I’m not seeing how he is getting the live video window without using an undocumented api method. (and I know which one I would use). right now the only way to get video with documented methods is to use the uiimagepicker.

The author claims he is doing this entirely without native api’s. if this is true it doesn’t violate the sdk.

I’m a bit worried if it should, ,the application I’m working on does not yet include augumented reality, but it certainly could. but uses jquiry and a whole lot of client side javascript to do visualization of complex data using the iphone and a jquery based visualization toolkit. Interesting enough it uses dashcode instead of iwebkit.

I’d love to incorporate live video walkthroughs, I will be most happy to sign the petition.

Comment by michelle21 — July 10, 2009

Another approach – though not as impressive as this mashup – to connect Twitter and locations is Twittori Here the single Tweets can be attached to a geo location and then be ‘found’ if others visit the place. The iPhone App is still in review but a video and a demo for iPhone Simulator is available:

Comment by perenzo — July 10, 2009

if the author confirms that this app is indeed not using private api’s there will be a fury of activity in this direction.

Comment by michelle21 — July 10, 2009

Wonder if they’re going to do some development on Android? The API’s for stuff like this are completely open on Android, and many have already released programs that utilize it.

Comment by mdmadph — July 10, 2009

@michelle21: It’s indeed UIImagePicker i am using. That’s why it’s “semi conform”. The downside is that you can’t analyze the video image for tracking, which is essential for sophisticated AR applications.

Let’s hope Apple understands the potential of AR on the iPhone and opens up the API.

Comment by emnullfuenf — July 11, 2009

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