Monday, April 26th, 2010

Aves: HTML5 Game Engine w/ Social Built In

Paul Bakaus of jQuery UI fame showed of something really exciting at JQuery Conf today. He shared a sneak peak of the Aves Engine, a killer game engine built for the modern Web:

he Aves Engine is a software development kit to generate spectacular isometric browsergames without the need for third-party plugins like Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash on the end-user side. Highly inspired by Game-Engines from the PC and Videogame-Industry, Aves-Engine is aimed toward serious browsergame publishers who want to benefit from a component based engine architecture and cross-plattform compatible code to deliver on any desktop operating system or mobile devices.

All components are encapsuled in different logic layers which solve common problems of the games development cycle. Developers do not need to know about 3D-Coordinate Systems, Mapgeneration, Sharding, Collision detection, event delegation, and more more base requirements.

Besides a well documented API we deliver great development tools such as the real-time world editor and a professional asset management. We also integrate a code repository system and deployment tools which will easily bring your latest versions to hundred of servers. A unique encryption engine which automatically encrypts your sources on deployments will protect your frontend code from the competition.

You have to watch the detailed walk through of what the engine is capable of:

We have seen a fair few game engines in our time. This one looks very nice indeed. Congrats Paul.

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Farmville by Zynga – DAILY ACTIVE USERS: 70 MILLION – 2010 is new beginning to online games!

Comment by panzeronline — April 26, 2010

That looks inrecidble amazing. Great Job!

Comment by gossi — April 26, 2010

So, this game engine requires an HTML5 browser? Because I see a javascript game engine that may or may not take advantage of some HTML5 features. If this thing works on most browsers regardless of HTML5 status then it is not an HTML5 game engine.

Let’s not over-hype HTML5 before it has fully begun please.

Comment by travisalmand — April 26, 2010

@travisalmand: It does indeed use HTML5/CSS3 features but we’re providing shims on top that give old browsers backward compatibility. One neat example is CSS Transforms transforming HTML5 video into isometry within the house in the video.

Comment by pbakaus — April 26, 2010

This is seriously impressive! I’m already have visions of MP Neverwinter Nights games in browser with live DM. Suck it Bioware!
I kid I kid, I love Bioware :)

Comment by iliad — April 26, 2010

When I see things like this, then look at the piddly projects I’ll be working on today (parsing HTML files, some stupid php app), I want to cry. This app is truly impressive, great job!

Comment by PoultryInMotion — April 26, 2010

“The Aves-Engine will be delivered to professional gamestudios and publishers hrough a licensing model. ”

Hrm… sounds like they are pursuing this as with an aggressive commercial approach. In fact it sounds very similar to Metaplace, which didn’t turn out so well.

I understand their need to re-coup development costs since clearly it is a company behind this. I hope they give it out entirely free, but just restrict the server to like 5 or 10 users at once. Then charge for additional users.

If you have to pay to even download it and play around with it, I fear they won’t get many users.

Comment by Sembiance — April 27, 2010

I agree, they have to release some sort of “free” version and simply limit it. Limit to users or some other means… No one is going to go out on a limb these days with just a video alone.

BUT, it’s still early and I think they probably will have some sort of trial version one day. I mean who wouldn’t? You want as many developers tinkering with this as possible to ensure it’s success and adoption.

It reminds me of VRML and Active Worlds…Only for today’s world with HTML5 and granted it’s not “3D” first person perspective, but I don’t think it needs to be (and I’m sure it can be changed). Just the way HTML content and video was there on the wall in that building – just triggered a huge reminder of VRML.

This looks awesome, can’t wait for more !

Comment by tmaiaroto — April 29, 2010

This has been bought by Zynga by now and thus is no longer available for other developers :/. Check out jGen though it’s another isometric HTML5 game engine. Also check for a list of available html5 game engines.

Comment by html5gameengine — August 1, 2011

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