Monday, September 8th, 2008

Awesome Time Waster: YUI Pacman!

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Okay I’d like to know how many of the Ajaxian readers are actually old enough to remember real arcade games which required endless amounts of quarters to become good. Yeah, those were the days when calluses on your thumbs were the norm and being able to “hold it” (ie: not go to the bathroom for long periods of time) was a HUGE advantage.

Via the YUI Blog, Kris Cieslak has re-created the arcarde hit Pacman using the YUI JavaScript library:

Warning! Ghosts are very smart, they are spending most of the time trying to find where are you hiding and when they finally finds you, they run away :)
(one of the A.I. bug!)

Smart is an understatement! Either my fingers are super slow or these ghosts are just too darn good!

Go check it out and have some fun!

Posted by Rey Bango at 9:48 am

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Great proof-of-concept, but not very playable. The game goes way too fast, and many of the subtleties of the original are absent. For instance in PacMan the Pac and Ghosts move at varying speeds depending on whether the Pac is eating, running down a clear path, or empowered… this greatly affects the Pac’s ability to outrun the ghosts (or not), thus many of the PacMan strategies we old-timers have embedded in our muscle memory are ineffective.

If the goal was to create a game that people will enjoy playing, then it’s a FAIL. But if the goal was to learn DHTML and impress a bunch of programmer nerds, huge WIN!!

I can only imagine the endless hours spent making this work… I’m very impressed. Can you try Centipede next?

Comment by httpwebwitch — September 8, 2008

wouldn’t this usually be reserved for a friday? ;-)

Comment by naterkane — September 8, 2008

@naterkane Everyday is Friday at Ajaxian! ;)

Comment by Rey Bango — September 8, 2008

Yeah! Now you’re talking. More articles like this please!!!

Comment by WillPeavy — September 8, 2008

Awesome. Applaud the effort very much! Great to see the code too, doing something unique

Comment by holts — September 8, 2008

Obviously not using arcade ROMs. :-)

Maybe with the new browsers we can get MAME in JavaScript.

Comment by Nosredna — September 8, 2008

@mdrisser I used to love Donkey Kong and the Popeye game. I spent WAY too much money on these games. Thank God for the Atari 2600. Saved my parents a fortune. :)

Comment by ReyBango — September 8, 2008

a good demonstration of what can be done without Flash

Comment by maximeguilbot — September 9, 2008

I prefer native technologies for web (js, css, html). Flash – this is not so interesting…

Comment by webflake — September 11, 2008

Nice version! I wrote my version of Pacman too using JS. Please visit my site in:

Thank you

Comment by hguillermo — September 13, 2008

I love these old games

Comment by Tribulus — September 22, 2008

wow its amazing what you can do with out using flash. All of the flash developers I know I will show this to them

Comment by lindaadams — December 23, 2008

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