Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Awesomium: Embed Web content in your 3d worlds and games

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Awesomium lets you embed Chromium/WebKit into 3d worlds and games. Check out the video above and half fun looking at the transparent search results and the shadows from the content on the grass.

What could it be used for?

  • Powering an in-game GUI using HTML/JS/CSS
  • Rendering a live web-page to a 3D object and interacting with it
  • As a framework for an advanced, 3D web-browser
  • As an offscreen renderer for snapshots of web-pages
  • For the implementation of in-game advertisting.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 3:33 am

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useing f1 key to start demo doesn’t work, in firefox and safari it just brings up the help.

Comment by TomMRiddle — April 3, 2009

My bad, should have launched it with the app.exe in the bin directory

Comment by TomMRiddle — April 3, 2009

What can it be used for? Browsing the net inside video games so that you don’t need to even leave the video game.

Comment by mdmadph — April 3, 2009

genius idea. gamers may hate adsense invading their territory, but it’s essentially a “gate” connecting the “real world” -> relative to the virtual realty in the game. very important and useful!

Comment by coolnalu — April 3, 2009

brilliant! I can totally see this becoming the norm for non-obtrusive ad supported gaming… imagine playing WOW free because it is ad supported with custom banners in the auction houses.. i’d put up with a little “real world” for playing for free…

Comment by OwenL — April 3, 2009


Unfortunately, no other pages would load for me (Vista x64, 8800GTS 640mb), despite “Finished Loading” appearing on the console. However, the home page was the only one to print text/html etc. to the console.

Comment by Darkimmortal — April 3, 2009

Wow, that is cool, but ‘Awesomium’ is seriously one of the worst names I’ve ever heard — very hard to take seriously.

Comment by thnkfstr — April 3, 2009

I was wondering why there was a sudden spike in page views on my site– thanks for the mention and comments, guys!

About the name “Awesomium” (a compound of “Awesome” and “Chromium”), I agree that it is quite ostentatious but I personally felt it had a better ring to it than “OffscreenWebViewRenderer”. ;-)

Comment by princeofcode — April 5, 2009

That is really very impressive :)

Comment by lhankins — April 5, 2009

That is truly impressive. Very very cool!

Comment by lhankins — April 5, 2009

I personally felt it had a better ring to it than “OffscreenWebViewRenderer”

OffscreenWebViewRenderer, OffscreenWebViewRendererX and are all trademarks of Microsoft so don’t even think about it ;)

Comment by MichaelWard — April 7, 2009

Get this to the Lindens ASAP!

Comment by wwwmarty — April 8, 2009

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