Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Backbase: Ajax Accessibility for Single Page Apps

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There have been a fair number of posts about Ajax Accessibility, but one aspect has received fairly little attention, and that is Accessibility for Single Page Interface Ajax apps. Several articles have written about multi-page Ajax applications, and how to make those accessible. For more advanced AJAX user interface you will need to use a single-page interface, which brings new challenges but als new opportunities for creating an accessible application.

Backbase has written a show whitepaper on Ajax and Accessibility which delves into Section 508 and solutions.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:30 am

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5 stars for talking about it
1 star for calling a three-page ad a “whitepaper”

I wish I could give negative for something professing accessibility not even loading the home page in anything but IE6.

Comment by Shawn — July 13, 2006

Hi Shawn,

What do you mean with “not even loading the home page in anything but IE6”? The Backbase AJAX home page is compatible with IE5+ and Firefox 1.0+ (and all Mozilla derivates). Currently all other browsers – including screen readers – see a plain-HTML version of the website. In addition, support for Opera and Safari is coming, see

By the way: the article is not focused on browser support, but on accessibility for people with disabilities (Section 508, W3C WAI)

Jep (Backbase)

Comment by Jep Castelein — July 13, 2006

Worst ‘white paper’ ever! There is no real meat in this!

Comment by Small — July 17, 2006

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