Friday, May 13th, 2005

Backbase comes out with new ajaxified home page, new demos, and whitepaper

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Backbase, a JavaScript RIA company, has been busy:

  • New Home Page: They revamped their homepage to use Ajax all over the shop. You will notice a lot of “loading” rather than full page loads. They know they are taking Ajax to the extreme, and the jury is still out on what makes sense (having a page refresh here and there is OK), but it is important to explore.
  • Whitepaper: Ajax and Beyond. This PDF walks you through their technology. The Backbase Presentation Ajax Rendering Client, BXML (a little similar to XAML/MXML/etc), and code samples are shown.
  • Demos: Their site has some interesting demos. Click on the demos tab and a shelf will come down with a horizontal list of demos. They push Ajax pretty far (maybe too far in some situations), but check out the online store, the portal, and the office location finder.

It is fun to do a view source and check out the special HTML tags which do a lot of the work for you (rather than a lot of JavaScript code).

Pretty far along.

There are also rumors of a free “community edition” coming down the pike pretty soon :)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 11:34 am

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I’m curious why they don’t support Safari, which seems to be fair game in most other Ajax setups.

Overall I can’t help but wonder why, if you’re going this far, you’re not just building this in Flash. It’d allow for more browsers to be supported, and the plugin’s installed mostly everywhere.

Comment by Robb Irrgang — May 13, 2005

The one problem I have with this implementation is “how do I bookmark a particular piece of content”? It’s the same question I always ask with Flash sites.

I agree with Robb that this might be better off as Flash at this level.

Comment by Alex Ezell — May 13, 2005

What you could do, I suppose, in relation to bookmarkability, is use the location.hash to store a identifier on what’s open where within an ajaxed out page. then, onload, have php or whatnot parse the full location string and do it’s thang with the stuff in the hash.

Comment by Robb Irrgang — May 13, 2005

Bookmarks? Who uses bookmarks anymore now that we have google and rss?

Comment by Chris — May 13, 2005

Safari doesn’t support dynamic loading of JavaScript, which we use quite often in our engine. We’re talking to Apple to support Safari as soon as possible.

A simple form of bookmarkability is already implemented on the Backbase site. Just go to and you see that you don’t end up on the home page, but on another ‘page’ within the single-page interface. We use a URL parameter for this. In principle, we can create a bookmark for any ‘page’, i.e. for any ‘State’ of the user interface.

Comment by Jep Castelein - Backbase — May 13, 2005

Gee, and no Konqueror support, either. AJAX is the next stage of web fragmentation. It would suck to rely on a screen reader. They’re not just for blind users. You could have cooking pages read to you while cooking, or news read to you in the car, or… But not with AJAX. Hallelujah and pass the kool-aid.

Comment by Jason — May 13, 2005

The link to the PDF is wrong. It should be:

Comment by cboone — May 14, 2005

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