Friday, December 23rd, 2005

Backbase releases new version: 3.1.1

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Backbase has given its clients a nice holiday present, with the release of a new version of its products: 3.1.1.

There are 26 pages worth of information on what is new, but they kindly summarize the high points.

New Components

The new version has a bunch more components to play with:

  • Data Grid: view and edit tabular date
  • Live Grid: scroll through large data sets
  • Paging Controls: split up large data sets across multiple pages
  • Populate Event: lazy loading of data
  • System Skin: create applications with a desktop look-and-feel

Application Layer

In the applications layer we’ve improved drag-and-drop and resizing functionality. This makes it easier to implement complex user interface concepts, and makes it much easier to use desktop UI concepts in web interfaces.

Foundation Layer

The foundation layer is sometimes a bit hidden, but this is where the real power of Backbase is. We now support extremely flexible manipulation of XML (client-side) and excellent integration with JavaScript functions. It is now also possible to add Backbase commands to any HTML fragment, making it very seamless to integrate Backbase into an existing HTML application.

Tooling and Developer resources

When you have a lot of examples it’s easier to learn a certain technology. In this release we’ve again increased the number of bundled examples, tutorials and code samples. Many of them can be found in the updated Backbase Explorer. Also, the development tools are updated: they are running within the browser, and allow all kinds of advanced stuff, such as node inspection, and XPath query testing. Below you see a screenshot of the new tools.

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I’m looking forward to try this new version. Have been playing around with 3.1. And although it takes some time to get used to, they have created a very powerful framework with some nice examples

Comment by arnoud — December 23, 2005

Thanks for Your information.I use it for my job.

Comment by Custom Web Design Company — December 23, 2005

I’ve been trying to implement the livegrid but I think I found a bug in it. It seems it doesn’t want to display the first item in the XML feed it listens to. I looked at the xsl but I can’t see any problem with it. It also errors out in case the XML contains zero items (which might very well occur in a real world situation).

If you take the include PHP example and you edit the datasource.xml file to have 0, 1 or less than 10 results (try these three different cases) you’ll encounter the problem I’m describing.

If there’s anyone who ran into this and found a solution please send me an email! I posted about this on the Backbase forum as well.

Comment by Marco — December 26, 2005

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