Monday, February 27th, 2006 Web Application Developer, the leading website builder for bands, is looking a web
application developer to join our team. We are a stable, profitable, fun
and fast growing web company with a tremendously supportive user base.

We are looking for a talented programmer with strong problem-solving skills
who can learn and adapt quickly to new technologies. This programmer will
be welcomed into our small team and given the opportunity to participate in
the direction of the company as it grows.

Specifically, we’re looking for:

  • 3+ years experience building dynamic web applications (PHP, Coldfusion,
  • demonstrated experience building UI components using
  • strong UI design skills and a great eye for useability
  • previous experience with Coldfusion and Fusebox is a plus–fast learners
    will be considered
  • experience using SQL (esp. MySQL)
  • a love of clean, efficient code
  • available to telecommute on a full time basis
  • a musician, or just someone who loves music

We offer:

  • Fun, challenging projects
  • An easygoing, dynamic team environment
  • Freedom to manage your own schedule
  • Time and resources to update your skillset
  • Generous bonus structure
  • Reimbursement of home office expenses
  • Music industry perks (free CDs, concerts, etc.)
  • Full health benefits (if working from Canada)
  • Stable employment with a business that is debt-free and profitable
  • A stress-free, dynamic workplace free of pointy-headed bosses!

This is a full-time, salaried position with the option to telecommute or
work from our office in beautiful Montreal, Quebec.

To apply:

Email your resume to

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:05 pm
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Sigh. The sad, lame, lifeless Blog-o-sphere philosophy of design is getting ready to assert it’s righteousness onto indie bands. They should at least get another option. Somehow standards-based has turned into cookie-cutter, into a nice blog and rounded corner buttons. I guess it’s only right since buzz-word band-wagoners have hijacked the creativity of the web for the sake of accessibility. When I grow up, of course, I’d like to see some sort of compromise between the two, and it’s not like I don’t see the creativity of clean coding, but it makes me sad that the web as potential for an extenuation of the american history of the important individual art is being swallowed into some sort of fascist, elitist, two-point-oh-io army spreading it’s doctrine of “sameness” everywhere.

eh oh well, though, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and i’m sure that it’s rewarding. but just know, you’ve inspired me to create some competition for you.

Comment by matthew — March 19, 2006

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