Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Be Green: Use Ajax while you help the environment

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Be Green is a new website that uses Prototype,, and SIFr, on a website that helps you learn about environmental matters.

The site features Ajax in a variety of ways, some of the most exciting being the Carbon Footprint calculator.

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:12 am

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I’m struggling with the image on the front page of their site – what does going green have to do with two good looking women in an older (and certainly not green) car?

For some strange reason, this just whacks me in the face with “disingenuous”. Maybe its just me.

Comment by Dave Sanders — December 13, 2006

The front page images are random 8P, There is one more suprise in it too (or should I say two). It is a pretty and well designed site (clear, clean, good use of white-space).

Comment by Mario — December 13, 2006

The car in the picture is a Triumph Spitfire and has been claimed to get 65mpg highway (

Comment by Sam Hennessy — December 13, 2006

I think that the idea is to be able to offset [counter] the damage that is done by your car, regardless of the type/make/model. There are lots of people who have not-so-eco-friendly cars who just cannot afford hybrids, flexible fuel vehicles or even ULEVs

Comment by Arnold Yoon — December 13, 2006

Arnold: it turns out that the smaller cars are both cheap and eco-friendly. So being eco-friendly has nothing to do with budget. (I know: Americans need big cars for some unknown reason).

Comment by Edwin — December 14, 2006

Having an old gas guzzler and not buying a new car is cheaper than buying a new car. But really, having no car is even cheaper, and even less ecologically harmful.

Comment by Trevor — December 14, 2006

Functionally excellent. Unfortunately, they’re trying to charge $14/metric ton of CO2 offset when offsets are around $5/ton on the cash market in the US.

Comment by Cleverer — December 14, 2006

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Comment by Makabongwe Maseko — January 19, 2007

I do agree with you.

Comment by Used Cars — January 21, 2007

We are all responsible of what is going on about co2 and abuse in a way. Greed have it. We have 2 cars for each family, 3 TV, airconditioning, swimming pool…we are way too energyvorous…back to a simpler life? Car pooling…

Comment by pol cars man — May 16, 2007

Totally agree there

Comment by Hybrid Owner — September 7, 2007

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