Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

Because We’re Not Yet Bored of Google Maps Stuff…

Category: Library, Mapping

<>p>Brennan Stehling has created a simple, cross-browser abstraction on top of the Google Maps API called GPlotter that lets you define your map markers in an XML file and have them plotted at run-time on a Google Maps window. Neat.

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Posted by Ben Galbraith at 11:18 pm

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i´ve started a project on sourceforge. It´s called Ajax Pages, it´s a scripting template engine that enables rapid development of Ajax Web-based Applications. I would like you to take a look. It´s just a start, but there are already some examples.

Gustavo Amigo

Comment by Gustavo Amigo — July 28, 2005

You should have a “post your Google Maps app” entry where we all can post our map hacks.

Comment by Jason Famularo — July 28, 2005

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