Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Beginning Google Maps Sample Chapters

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Beginning Google Maps Applications has a couple of sample chapters to peruse.

The sample chapters currently available cover:

  • Interaction: Now that you have your first interactive Google Maps web application, grab aGPS and start looking for geocaches to add to your map! Get your friends involved, too, and show off what you’ve learned.
  • Geocoding: This chapter covers using geocoding services with your maps. It’s safe to assume that you’ll be able to adapt the general ideas and examples here to use almost any web-based geocoding service that comes along in the future. From here on, we’ll assume that you know how to use these services (or ones like them) to geocode and cache your information efficiently.

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There are also some extra resources on the site for things like sources of raw data, extra tips and tricks in the blog and even some cool mashups!

Check it out:


Comment by Cam Turner — November 29, 2006

What I’ve read in this book thus far (about half) is real good. It’s very easy to understand. I was fortunate to win this book from PhpMagazine (

Comment by Cory — November 29, 2006

I like the google map because it can help us get around in our cars and go to other cities as well. I use it for geocaching too!

Comment by Pol Car Guy — September 10, 2007

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