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Ben and Dion Step Down as Editors of

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In the spring of 2005, the two of us gave our first Ajax talk together. The subject of the talk was DHTML, but Jesse James Garrett had just coined “Ajax” a few days previous, so we sprinkled the term throughout the slide deck. We needed a place to put some source code that accompanied the talk–an RSS reader was called “RSS Bling”. was born.

Here’s a random picture someone took of us right before we gave that first talk:

Ben and Dion hacking away on their talk

(Surely we’re just reviewing the slides in this pic, not hurriedly hacking together something at the last minute.)

Because the Ajax space was moving so quickly, we wanted a place to track the fun hacks, great libraries, and fantastic showcases that were coming out daily, so we started using Ajaxian to post Ajax news and very occasionally, an editorial. It’s fun to think back to those early times; the web world was drunk with new possibilities and no one was really quite sure how the draw the boundaries.

After a few months, things were moving so fast we thought it would be great to get the emerging Ajax community together. With help from Jay Zimmerman of No Fluff Just Stuff and Chris Haven, we put together the first Ajax Experience show in San Francisco. It was incredibly fun seeing so many of the folks in person we’d been covering on the site, and sharing with the broader developer community what was now possible.

Dion blesses the crowd at the first Ajax Experience

Our little Ajaxian blog grew over time–we still remember with awe when someone compared the traffic Ajaxian sent them to Slashdot–and we’ve gone on to co-produce several more Ajax Experience shows. It’s been a thrilling ride.

Now, years later, it’s time for us to formally hang up our Ajaxian hats. We’ve always juggled the site with our full-time jobs (various start-ups, Google for Dion, Mozilla, Palm, and now HP), and posting daily while balancing families and work can wear on you after a while–we can’t do it all anymore. TechTarget (the company that has owned for some time) will take on editorial ownership of the site. We will still carry on posting every so often–it’s in our blood–but it won’t be on a regular schedule.

This transition comes at an important time for us. Palm was an opportunity to show the world that an OS based on the Web can be fantastic, but now, with HP’s resources behind Palm, there’s an even bigger opportunity ahead that will require all of our focus and energy. Oh, and it’s summer, too. :-)

Thanks for being there for us over the years. We look forward to the next series of adventures. With HTML5 continuing to build steam and browser innovation hotter than ever, it is going to be a great time for us Web folk.

As always, you can keep up with us on Twitter: Ben and Dion.

All the best,

Ben and Dion

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you will be missed,

both your work is legendary, sure you’ll do well.

Comment by johnantoni — July 9, 2010

Thank you for pushing the open web forward!

Comment by osmestad — July 9, 2010

Congrats to both of you, that’s quite the only interesting site i know for web development today.
Wish you luck at HP (I’m sure you’ll need some) :)

Comment by BgSimple — July 9, 2010

OMG, I hope you know what you’re doing …
Anyway, good luck guys :)

Comment by ThomasHansen — July 9, 2010

Thank you so much for keeping this site going, I check it every morning when I get in to work. I’m already going through withdrawal! I hope that somehow this site will be able to live on. Good luck at HP.

Comment by MattCoz — July 9, 2010

Thanks for Ben and Dion for your excellent work. At the same time, it is wonder who will be the new editors?

Comment by newsicare — July 9, 2010

Good luck, gentlemen!

Comment by zachstronaut — July 9, 2010

well good luck for both of you guys.. thanks for the great site. And don;t forget, What does the X in Ajax stand for?

Comment by wildanr — July 9, 2010

This site got me into web, thanks guys! Best of luck with your future endeavours.

Comment by friendlyjs — July 12, 2010

When the new editors will update this site?

Comment by pmontrasio — July 12, 2010

Well, thank you both for all the time you spent helping us developers all around the world. Thank you from Italy and best of luck!!!!!


Comment by giano — July 12, 2010

Good luck to both u… When can we expect an introduction of the new owners ?

Comment by NoXi — July 12, 2010

I have only been here a few months but I this is one of the sites I check regularly for little Web development gems. thanks for all you hard work and thank to TechTarget for keeping the site up and running!

Comment by voidmind — July 12, 2010

Is this because you’re starting :P

Thanks for all the personal time you guys poured into this site. You’ll be missed!

Comment by RobRobRob — July 12, 2010

I was on vacation when this was announced, so I’m a bit late to post, but just wanted to wish Ben and Dion the best! I posted a short ode to Ajaxian on my blog here:


Comment by Brad Neuberg — July 14, 2010

We actually also wrote an article for this on the day when Ben and Dion leave:

Comment by newsicare — July 15, 2010

Thanks for all those years of hard work and all the best for your future projects.

Comment by BertrandLeRoy — July 17, 2010

Thanks guys, i’ve had your daily post in my RSS feed reader – keeping me in the know for years. I’ve pretty much read every article with interest and been inspired to write my own.

Many thanks for all your effort and contributions to the web.

Comment by Drew81 — July 22, 2010

Thank you both! You’ve done an amazing job and I hope you know it!

Comment by Olf — July 22, 2010

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