Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Benchmark Invests in PageFlakes

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According to this post over on TechCrunch, a company called Benchmark Capital has taken a genuine interest in the Ajax desktop site Pageflakes and has even conducted a round of financing for the company.

They make mention of the Netvibes seed round that took place before and how both they and Pageflakes are competing with Microsoft’s offering of Benchmark has also invested time and effort into other European-headquartered companies as well, including Bebo.

It’s interesting to see companies starting to get behind the “Ajax desktop” kinds of sites – PageFlakes, Protopage, Netvibes. I’ll be anxious to see what kinds of futures they really have besides just being a place for fun little toy modules that dipslay RSS feeds or keep sticky notes for each user.

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 6:41 am

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Bebo appears to be given myspace big headaches in Europe. Long live innovation.

Comment by b c bebo — December 18, 2006

it willbe interesting how these niches work out

Comment by Richard — January 8, 2007

A widget is always bound to an HTML element. This will typically be a div, but can really be anything (depending on the widget). We take the Dojo approach of leveraging custom attributes in order to do all of the wiring

Gee interesting… i need to go walk the dog..later bud!

Comment by Friendly dog — October 6, 2007

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