Friday, July 20th, 2007

Best uses of Ajax in WordPress Plugins

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Pete Cashmore has posted about the 30+ AJAX-Powered WordPress Plugins that he things are good.

He has split-up the plugins into two categories, for the blogger, and for the reader which includes:


  • AjaxWP – Adds AJAX to all aspects of your WordPress site speeding up the load times.
  • Alexa Rank – Display your Alexa rank with pride.
  • Ajax Comment Preview – Allows readers to preview their comment before submitting.
  • asTunes – Retrieves data from your Audioscrobbler/ profile and posts it as a list on your blog.
  • Codebox – Side scrolling box for displaying code snippets.


  • AJAX Comments 2.0 – Auto updates the comments page with no full reload, much smoother commenting than the older full reload system.
  • AJAX Google Video Search – Search Google Video without having to leave your favorite blog.
  • AJAX Shoutbox – Realtime conversation with sound to alert of new messages.
  • Cool Weather – Allows visitors to see the weather forecast for any area they define.
  • Currency Converter – Adds a real time currency converter to the page with data pulled from Yahoo Finance.
  • Google AJAX Search – Allows you to set search for just the contents of your site and the web, or another option allows for search of a second site such as your Flickr account.

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Could someone post a link to a working Codebox sample? It’s about the ‘Side scrolling box for displaying code snippets’… I can’t make heads or tails from that polish website ( and been clicking for 15 minutes now…

Comment by Marc — July 20, 2007

Aha… it’s a box which only scrolls sideways… I thought of a box whooshing into view from a side… :|

Comment by Marc — July 20, 2007

One would think a site called “Ajaxian” would implement some of these!!

Comment by Alex Duffield — July 21, 2007

Great site for evaluating our place in the web.

Comment by Chris Heath — July 23, 2007

Sometimes difficult to navigate the Ajaxian site although the content is excellent.

Comment by Charles Chambers-Wheeler — July 23, 2007

Currency calculator is nice… I did one as well and I was also stuck with the same options as you and I decided on writing one myself. I will suggest why not you change the form submit AJAX as well… then it will go well with the name of the site.. dont ya think???

Comment by andhapp — July 24, 2007

Thanks for such a great list of plugins, this list are so helpful for the new guy.



Comment by Vic — August 2, 2007

Nice list !

As an exercise, I made an Ajax currency converter widget for wordpress. I did my best to minimize the UI and iron out any performance issues. The widget support all the 177 currencies. Check it out :

Comment by Kenji — August 5, 2007

Yes, its a great sharing of very useful plugins list. I must say thank you.

Comment by DESIGNEXPANSE.COM — September 19, 2007

I love it. Ajax is getting more and more simple to implement.
I’ll give some of these a try on at least one of my WP sites.
Thanks for the List

Comment by List of — November 6, 2007

I have seen CoolWeather in action on some sites, and it looks very nice. I tried to put it on my WP blog, though, and can’t get it to work for the life of me. There are some things that prevent it from EVER working out of the box, such as an incorrect path-name to some files located in the man php file for the plugin. I’m guessing there are other small things like this, and I would really love to get this plugin working. Does anyone have some advice?

Comment by bigrayl — June 26, 2008

Hi there people.

This is not a wordpress plugin, but after searching the net for a good free ajax powered currency converter / calculator is decided it was time to put fingers to keys and write my own – so here it is. I am still in negotiations to get a good set of xml rate feeds, but everything looks good.

Here is my AJAX powered currency converter for webmasters. You can easily add a currency rate calculator or exchange rate form to your website using a single line of code. Give it a try at

Best of all, its free to use.

Comment by nativebreed — October 8, 2008

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