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Big News from Cappuccino: Aristo and Atlas

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As it turns out, the Cappuccino team has been busy hacking away on some very impressive stuff. Today at the Future of Web Apps Miami, they announced Aristo and Atlas.


Cappuccino worked with the popular design firm Sofa to create Aristo, a new open-source look-and-feel that will be freely available, including the source PSD files complete with all layers intact. Anyone may use the look in their own projects. I didn’t get a close look at the theme, but it seemed quite nice.


Atlas continues Cappuccino’s efforts to essentially port Apple’s Cocoa stack to the Web. Atlas itself looks like a mash-up of Flex Builder and Interface Builder, all running in a browser, but continues to hew very closely to Interface Builder’s approach. For example, just as with Interface Builder, you can bind properties on components to other components or to code through visual drag-and-drop operations (complete with the same blue connector line).

What’s more, Atlas introduces the equivalent of Interface Builder’s “nib” file (though I forget what their version is called).

In a live demo, Francisco Tolmasky built an RSS reader using an entirely visual approach. Francisco made it clear that he doesn’t think code will go away, but instead, he feels the amount of code required to create a web application will dramatically decrease.

They also released a screencast:

Multi-platform Support, including iPhone JavaScript Wrappers

Atlas also supports targeting multiple platforms, letting you create different interface files that bind to the same back-end code. They’ve even bridged native APIs and exposed them to the JavaScript environment and provide a PhoneGap-like way to run such applications as native iPhone applications. Wow.

It’s hard to overstate how impressive the Atlas demo was; the release should be coming at some point in summer 2009.

Great job guys!

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I watched the webcast. Fantastic.

Comment by Nosredna — February 24, 2009

I wonder if we’ll see Apple put Objective-J into Safari, since it’s a superset of JavaScript.

Comment by Nosredna — February 24, 2009

hey – Produle has just launched a full featured drag-and-drop interface builder for building flash applications. at http://www.produle.com

Comment by mail2account — February 24, 2009

How hard is it to get Cappuccino to work with Comet?

Comment by fatlotus — February 24, 2009

There seems to be a lot of framework name overloading these days – first the Prototype guy from the other recent article, and now this with Atlas. Isn’t Atlas the .NET ajax framework?

Comment by sos — February 25, 2009


I think Microsoft’s Atlas was a code name that never was used in production.

Comment by Nosredna — February 25, 2009

Is there a URL for Aristo?

Comment by okohll — February 26, 2009

I’m also searching for Aristo! So where I have to look, cause I can’t find anything about it on the web?!

Comment by reel — February 27, 2009

im searching for Aristo too. Any news from sofa or 280 north?

Comment by hackfrag — February 27, 2009

By the way, last week I wrote an article on Cappuccino and Objective-J that sums up a beginner’s first steps with Cappuccino.

The article also contains a demo application, including its source code, and can be found here:


Comment by HolgerJahn — July 19, 2009

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