Monday, March 9th, 2009

Big qooxdoo Update: Live Debugging, Sizzle, Data-Binding

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qooxdoo 0.8.2 was released last Friday with a some big enhancements, the two most prominent being the new live debugging Inspector application and the integration of John Resig’s Sizzle selector engine into the framework:

This release was originally planned as a smaller Bugfix release but at least two features go way beyond just bug fixing. The most prominent addition is the ‘Inspector’ application, which provides cross browser Firebug like debugging of qooxdoo applications. The other major addition is the integration of John Resig’s selector engine sizzle and a jQuery like collection API. This brings us one step further to use qooxdoo not only as GUI toolkit but also to use as a cross-browser DOM toolkit. Beyond that we allow our users to take first peek at the cool features we have in the pipeline for qooxdoo 0.9, which include data binding and an infrastructure for virtual widgets.

The new Inspector is especially interesting since it provides qooxdoo developers with real-time debugging capabilities, similar to Firebug, but more specific to the qooxdoo framework itself. It allows for qooxdoo-specific debugging, including displaying the UI hierarchy and modifying the properties of qooxdoo widgets.

The inclusion of Sizzle was done to enhance the DOM manipulation capabilities of qooxdoo and “introduces a jQuery-like coding style and chaining concept around its existing low-level layer.” The addition is considered experimental within the qooxdoo framework and the team will be looking for feedback from their community on this new feature.

Two other notable enhancements are a data binding layer and an infrastructure for virtual widgets, both which are geared towards allowing users to display and manipulate large amounts of data without a performance hit.

More information on this release and migration can be found here.

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I wonder, when UI frameworks like qooxdoo, jquery UI, extJs, dojo are going for the next step to keep up with modern GUIs. (I know its hard already) But in my opinion the next step would be to go after the adobe cs 3/4 behavior of the palettes windows. Like docking, free moving, tabbing, tab moving from palette container to another container etc.

Letz see who is first. ;D

Comment by Aimos — March 9, 2009

@Aimos: you mean something like this?
(try dragging the tabs on the right between containers)

While there’s no ready-made adobe cs3 gui lookalike, it’s feasible to build it today with the more advanced toolkits without having to write too much custom code.

Comment by Joeri — March 10, 2009

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