Wednesday, September 21st, 2005

Bindows 1.5: desktop applications in a web page

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Bindows is a full desktop application framework, within the browser.

Bindows is in the same class of dev frameworks of, where you want an application to look and feel exactly like a rich desktop app, versus a webby app.

Bindows Software Development Kit (SDK)

You get access to an SDK to build Bindows-based applications.

Samples in actionDocumentation

Bindows Framework gives you…

  • A class based, Object Oriented API
  • A complete windowing system with a wide array of supported widgets including menus, forms, grids, sliders, gauges and more.
  • The leading toolkit for developing zero-footprint SOA client-side applications.
  • Native XML, SOAP and XML-RPC support
  • Single user to enterprise level support.


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The bindows object model is even more impressive than the examples. Very well done.

Comment by Jesse Foster — September 21, 2005

Since I’m the creator of Bindows (don’t blame me for the name though) I think I should try to clarify the issue with web services. In version 1.0 we relied on an IE only implementation for SOAP. For version 1.2 we replaced this with a version that works in any browser with XMLHttpRequest support. This is handled by the BiWebService2 class.

There are a few other classes that are IE only. Some of the graphs and the gauges are IE only. At that time SVG nor canvas was available.

Comment by Erik Arvidsson — September 25, 2005

Erik, you do some amazing work. Congratulations.

Comment by Alex Russell — September 26, 2005

eh… Bindows seems to bring the cruddy look *and* the slowness of Windows to the web.

Comment by tom — September 27, 2005

That’s a nice work.
It sounds a warning to the wrong direction in which the Computer Field is moving.
Browsers are becoming OS like and are becoming near complex to OS.
It is time to move to a technology wherein instead of building a OS and a browser on that OS, the OS is itself built with the native browser interface.
i.e Windows and Linux should try to adopt some common standards or else it will lead to emergence of new OS that by-pass this extra three step OS->Browser->Ajax process to two step OS(supports the standards of web development as native)->Ajax

Comment by Hariharan — September 28, 2005

I agree with Hariharan, but would like to add that the OS itself has a wonderful array of panels, buttons, etc. Once upon a time there were great tools like Delphi that allowed developers to take advantage of the operating system. With Delphi’s ability to create single-file exe’s with all dll’s being optional, it was quite possible to build a fantastic thin client app that outperforms all of this silly ajax stuff, and was MUCH MORE secure. The rush to web apps seems so silly, when Windows has provided the ability to do all of this great work for a long, long time…

Comment by Tom N — October 1, 2005

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Comment by ty — December 20, 2005

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