Monday, December 10th, 2007

Bindows 4: Clocks, Faces, and more.

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Bindows 4 is out in beta and it has many new features.

One new major component is Bindows Faces which “is a components library that enables you create powerful Ajax web applications with a Windows look-and-feel – using Java through JSF.”

If you run the demo you will see the look and feel. On my Mac it looked like this:

Bindows LF

There are also free Ajax Gauges to be had. Fancy a clock or a speedo? If so, run the wizard to get your own custom gauges.

Bindows Gauges

Posted by Dion Almaer at 8:25 am

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Not compatible with Safari / Webkit

Comment by sucrenoir — December 10, 2007

uses some Firefox-only CSS. but haven’t testet the other browsers.

But I like it

Comment by DarkRat — December 10, 2007

I only run the demo on Firefox so far. I’m very impressed. Even the tab key works. It looks and feels just as advertised. A real treat for Java developers in my opinion.

Comment by SaigonByNight — December 10, 2007

Why gauges and not widgets?

Comment by dcrec1 — December 10, 2007

is there a similar framework/library for PHP?

Comment by Kyriakos — December 10, 2007

Bindows is an excellent choice for anyone serious about making web applications with desktop like functionality.

Unlike many other frameworks, Bindows is not tied to a particular server side language and that is why we chose to use this framework.

We use Bindows for a number of components in our small business server/home server. The latest add-on is a bulletin board implemented using Bindows:

Comment by Maxx — December 10, 2007

Bindows teaches my browser to look like Windows 95. Be careful, you will offend Mac users if you successfully make them use a Windows 95 UI.

Comment by Marc — December 10, 2007

A Bindows app can look the way you want it – by creating your themes: .

With Bindows you can even offer a Mac UI to Windows users :)

See screenshots of existing Bindows apps: .

Another nice example is the Bindows Forum: .

Comment by ranmeriaz — December 10, 2007


Sorry, the link to the screenshots is:

Comment by ranmeriaz — December 10, 2007


One of the nice things about the gauges is that you can use them without using the full Bindows library though if you had the library, you’d probably be able to do a lot more with them.

I wrote up a simple integration with the Bindows library using YUI ( but any library will do ) —

The actual example is found here —

And yes, it won’t run in Safari.


Comment by skypoet — December 10, 2007

@ranmeriaz: Yeah, I realize it is themable. It was a bad joke – I thought it would be really funny to force Mac users to use a Windows interface, which is your default UI.

Good work, you obviously have put a ton of time and energy into Bindows.

Comment by Marc — December 10, 2007

@Marc: no problem :)

BTW – you can easily develop radical and unique graphical UI using our InfiView (

Comment by ranmeriaz — December 10, 2007

That piece of crap is ignoring opera … so .. thats the end of line for me.
Id devels can make it work for IE5.5+ but cant for opera that’s ignorance.

Comment by mefisto — December 11, 2007

@mefisto: posts like yours are much more true examples of ignorance.

Comment by JeffHowden — December 11, 2007

No thanks, for commercial development, I look at and other much more impressive toolkits in the .NET world.

Comment by Jonathan Bond-Caron — December 11, 2007

No thanks, it is awfully slow.

Comment by Laurent V. — December 28, 2007

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