Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Bindows: New Accessibility Support

Category: Accessibility

The latest version of the Bindows framework now offers accessibility support in the form of US Government Section-508 requirements for visually impaired users.

With the Accessibility module, developers can make existing and new Bindows applications available to these users with a few simple steps.

Bindows components come with accessibility descriptions and instructions by default, but developers can now also create new accessible custom components or customize the built-in behaviour to comply with various application specific requirements.

Enabling accessibility mode in Bindows provides supports for:

Text-to-speech screen readers: JAWS and Window Eyes

Screen Magnifiers: MAGic

You can test an application via the Bindows Accessibility test application with IE only.

There is also a developers guide

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Comment by shweta — June 28, 2006

TO bad not all screeneaders are tested

Comment by Aaron — June 28, 2006

has anyone here done significant comparison between this and tibco? seems tibco is probably their biggest competitor, except tibco is opensource

Comment by shopping cart guy — November 13, 2006

hi pls check this

Comment by manish — October 10, 2007

Comment by manish — October 10, 2007

Comment by coolyarri — October 23, 2007

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