Friday, February 1st, 2008

Book: Practical DWR 2

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Frank Zammetti has authored the first book dedicated to DWR, Practical DWR 2 (Amazon).

Joe Walker wrote a foreward which he posted, and here is Frank’s personal message:

Ajax represents a brave, new(ish) world of web development where coding on the client is just as important as on the server side. Hundreds of libraries exist that purport to make it easier for you, and there’s always the “Do It Yourself” approach. Which route should you take?

If you work with Java technologies, one choice that stands out is DWR, or Direct Web Remoting. With DWR, JavaScript-based client code that calls server-side objects works as if it were all running in the same process space. The simplicity and power DWR blends together has few rivals today.

In this, the first DWR book to be published, you’ll be introduced to DWR and all it has to offer, including reverse Ajax, XML and annotation-based configuration, container-managed security, simple POJO-based development, and greatly simplified client-side coding. You’ll learn by doing as you explore six fully functional applications including the following:

  • A webmail client for remotely accessing your e-mail accounts
  • A wiki for collaborative efforts
  • A file manager for remotely managing your server’s file system
  • A portal for enterprise reporting needs
  • A project management/time-tracking system
  • Even a fun little game!

In addition to DWR, you’ll also see how other popular libraries help realize the RIA/Web 2.0 vision, including Spring, Hibernate, dHTMLx, DataVision, Freemarker, and Ext JS. If you’re doing RIA development in Java, DWR is for you, as too is this book.

(and if you like sci-fi and pop culture references strewn throughout your reading material, and a touch of wise a**-edness too, you’re in for a good time to boot!)

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