Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Book Review: Beginning Javascript with DOM Scripting and Ajax

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mybook.gifDespite its title, Beginning Javascript with DOM Scripting and Ajax by Christian Heilmann is not for those just starting out in web development. What it is, is a great resource for those that already have some experience coding dynamic web sites. The book explores the principals of DOM scripting (using the Document Object Model) to build dynamic pages the right way- with standards compliant code that maintains the separation between content and presentation. The early chapters are devoted to giving the reader a quick overview of Javascript. chapter one takes a look at basic syntax and simple functions. Chapter Two covers datatypes and conditionals. If you don’t know Javascript, you might want to start with something else, such as Beginning JavaScript Second Edition by Paul Wilton. Some of the concepts and techniques used later on in the book require greater familiarity with Javascript than a begginer would have.

Read more of the review here.

Posted by Dietrich Kappe at 9:00 am

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Wow, didn’t expect a review to crop up here now :). Thanks for that. If you want to download the code for the book, or just have a play with it beforehand, you can get all the examples at

Comment by Chris Heilmann — March 1, 2007

I’m still holding out hope that I’ll be able to pick this book up for my birthday this month. (The big 3-0, life will surely be over. LOL) WAS going to get it for Christmas, but that fell through when the car suddenly needed several hundred dollars in vital repairs in mid-December.

So far, everything I’ve read on it tells me this is just the kind of book I’m looking for, and I can’t wait ’til I get to sink my teeth into it. Nice to see the author visits here too. LOL Hi Chris!

Comment by DigitaLink — March 1, 2007

Note that you can find an excerpt of Christian’s book over on the YUI Blog:


Comment by Nate Koechley — March 1, 2007

Have been reading the book for the last three weeks and i think its an investment i’ll always treasure. it was and still is my first Ajax book and am learning quite alot with it alone.. Excellent work Chris..and now with a code repository!…..what more could i ask for?!!!

Comment by chizan — March 2, 2007

Man, that is one of the best books on javascript I have read! It’s been a real refreshment for me.
I also love the way Chris writes code in that kind of ‘object oriented’ way.
Not to forget a the nice introduction to the YUI-library: now I probably don’t want to use anything else anymore.
I’m looking forward to more books by Chriss, maybe on YUI?

Excellent work!

Comment by dieter — March 3, 2007

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