Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Brian Dillard to take the reins on Really Simple History

Category: Ajax

Brian Dillard heard the call and has volunteered to take over maintenance and development of Brad Neuberg’s Really Simple History framework. RSH was created to provide back-button and bookmarking support for Ajax applications.

Brad’s been too busy with other projects to upgrade RSH for a variety of new and existing browsers: IE7, Opera, Safari/Mac and Safari/Windows. I asked Brad to let me take care of his baby for several reasons. For one thing, I’ve been an enthusiastic user of the library. For another, I’ve been wanting to get involved on a more formal basis with open-source JavaScript projecst. But most of all, I believe RSH remains a great tool for folks who want a solution to the Ajax history issue without the overhead of a larger Ajax framework.

I’m so glad that Brad’s work will be carried on and I believe that Brian will be a fantastic steward for RSH!

Posted by Rey Bango at 4:50 pm

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RSH is great, I’ve used it with great success. However, I’ve always been kinda confused as to about where it’s home is? I think it’s hosted on google code now too, so I’m kinda confused…

Comment by Alex Egg — September 12, 2007

Reins. Cheeky. I feel like I’m reading Slashdot or something ;)

Comment by scrapper — September 12, 2007

Good catch scrapper. That’s what I get for typing so damn fast!! :D

Comment by Rey Bango — September 12, 2007

Please make sure it works as well as StateManager does ;)

Comment by Geoff — September 12, 2007

@Alex: I’ll be doing a redirect from the old home of RSH to the new home on Google Code as soon as it stabilizes. Thanks for using the library!

@Geoff: I haven’t used StateManager. Tell me about it.


Comment by Brad Neuberg — September 14, 2007

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