Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Browser News: IE, FF, Safari, and Opera

All eyes have been on the Firefox 3 launch, but there has been news across the board. PPK has been on the case and gives us this really nice writeup:


No new version of IE has been released, but several important questions were answered in the past two weeks. IE8b2 is coming in August and a new IE=EmulateIE7 value will be added to the <meta> switch.

The first is obviously good news; I have my reservations about the second. My gut reaction is No, but I still have to figure out exactly why I think so; and I’m afraid that, too, will have to wait until next month.

Finally, ther’s supposed to be a new tool for running all IE versions simultaneously, and the current buzz indicates it performs as promised. It’s still in alpha, but this, too, will be worth a closer look in a month or so.


Firefox 3 final is supposed to be released today, but right now there’s no download link yet. Maybe it’ll be revealed once morning comes around in the US—or maybe it’ll be postponed for a few days. In any case, it’s here.

In addition, a Firefox 3.1 Alpha (FTP) has been made available, and it’s supposed to support all CSS3 selectors.


Apple is supposed to have released a Safari 4 Developer Preview through the Apple Developer Connection, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find an actual download link—and World of Apple doesn’t mention it either.

If you know where it can be downloaded, please leave a comment.


As expected, Opera released version 9.5; see this article for more information about the new release.

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Safari 4 Developer Preview can be downloaded on ADC Member Site (requires registration)

Comment by egmar — June 19, 2008

register, login


Been using it for a while now. And i must say, the debug panel is better than firebug.

Comment by V1 — June 19, 2008

Firefox 3.0 was officially released 2 days ago (June 17th) and you can download it from this link: . It’s a special page for the worldrecord attempt. Firefox 3.0 was downloaded about 8 million times in 24 hours.

Comment by AriesBelgium — June 19, 2008

Opera surprised me the most. Maybe because its makeover is so appealing. It doesn’t look like butt anymore.

They also fixed a canvas bug that I kept tripping over when trying to draw filled charts.

Comment by Nosredna — June 19, 2008

Sounds like it’s time for me to takle a re-look at Opera.

Comment by uize — June 19, 2008

Man, just looking at that registration form for Apple gives me a stomach ache.

What’s the status of Safari 4? Is it like the nightly webkits? Does it have the bytecode JavaScript squirrelfish stuff?

What’s so great about the debugger? And does it work on Windows? I’ve only been able to get Drosera working on the Mac.

Comment by Nosredna — June 19, 2008

the download link for firefox 3, is the correct one. it will download ff3

Comment by jaimz — June 19, 2008

I haven’t used the Safari 4 preview yet, so my answers are more general than specific to S4…
@Nosredna: “And does it work on Windows? I’ve only been able to get Drosera working on the Mac.”

Supposedly yes, it works in Windows. I haven’t ever tried it, but I’ve seen screencaps of it working. And there never was a Drosera for Windows, to my knowledge, but they have merged it into the Inspector, so I expect that’s working too.

Comment by eyelidlessness — June 19, 2008


Safari 4 DOES work for PC, and in preliminary testing, Drosera works fine. A lot of people are calling it “better than Firebug”, but its a little too flashy for me to be super productive — too much “sliding”, fading, and colors.

Comment by matanlurey — June 19, 2008

A lot of people are calling it “better than Firebug”, but its a little too flashy for me to be super productive — too much “sliding”, fading, and colors.

Take some of your own poison you ajax bling bling developers!!!!

Comment by PedroBatista — June 19, 2008

I see colors, but I see no sliding nor fading. At all. Which is surprising, considering sliding and fading are generally present for some of this stuff’s analogues in the OS, for instance switching “tabs” in the toolbar generally crossfades and slides with other like windows, but does not in the Inspector.
The main colors I see are syntax highlighting (with an almost identical color scheme to that of Firebug, but with reds and blues switched) and color coding by MIME type in the resources pane. Both of these are pretty handy (the latter I wish Firebug had!), and I don’t understand the objection. Can you clarify?
That said, I wouldn’t call it “better than Firebug” either, particularly because it still seems to have some issues with calculations in the network pane. I also haven’t had a lot of time to hunt around, but it seems pretty solid in general, and certainly in the same class as Firebug now that it allows DOM manipulation and has profiling.

Comment by eyelidlessness — June 19, 2008

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