Thursday, October 19th, 2006

Bubble Generator

Category: Fun

I am sure you are thinking “what I am missing is a web application that lets me add bubbles to images”. Well, the gift of Web 2.0 has stepped up to the plate with TehBubbleGenerator.

Now you can upload an image, add bubbes, and save them away.

Bubble Generator

Remind you of another bubble? :)

Posted by Dion Almaer at 10:49 am

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Doesn’t work for me in Firefox v1.5.0.7 with Flashblock and NoScript (I’ve whitelisted the site in Flashblock and allowed its scripts in NoScript). Any ideas, anyone?

Comment by mdm-adph — October 19, 2006

doesn’t work in FF2.0

Comment by ajaxmeoff — October 19, 2006

Doesn’t work at IE 6.X and Firfox 1.5

Comment by Bhoopathy — October 19, 2006

seriously, an f’ing generator warrants a posting here.

Comment by ron — October 19, 2006

@Ron, seriously chill out. Its not like they are electro shocking you into reading about it. It may seem simple and unimportant. But these small things spure ideas that turn into really cool applications. So erase that hate! 8P

Comment by Mario — October 19, 2006

Doesn’t work with lynx – oh wait I’m a troll on AJAXian

Comment by Jake — October 19, 2006

Ron: some people gotta take a chill pill…. It seems like every post on Ajaxian these days has a troll getting angry at the editor about why a post was included. If you don’t like what Ajaxian posts why not start your own blog? It’s easy; here’s some links: I for one like the material posted here.

Comment by Brad Neuberg — October 19, 2006

Link Listing – October 19, 2006

Screwturn Wiki [Via: James Avery ] Bubble Generator [Via: Dion Almaer ] WebSnapr – Website thumbnails…

Trackback by Christopher Steen — October 19, 2006

I thought this was going to be a Web 2.0 Bubble Generator!

Comment by Niccolò — October 20, 2006

I thought it was a Web 2.0 Bubble Generator, too!
Ha, Trolls, it IS filed under “fun”, innit?

Comment by Matthias — October 20, 2006

Yet another english only service :-(

Bubbles don’t display accentuated characters. Using a unicode font will perhaps do the trick…

Comment by Pierre — October 20, 2006

Works on IE6, FF1.5.0.7, FF2.0 Beta. Really neat program.

Comment by Merle — October 20, 2006

yeah it is a wonderful soft

Comment by Macamen — August 8, 2007

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