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Bubbleshare: Photo Sharing Community

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Bubbleshare's Image Resizing Slider

Scott Schiller wrote in to tell us about Bubbleshare. It calls itself “the easiest way to share photos”, and its hard to disagree, especially if you have a Mac. Bubbleshare has an iPhoto plug-in that integrates with iPhoto’s “Export” feature and gives you a one-click photo album sharing feature — with absolutely no previous registration on Bubbleshare (or anywhere else) required. That’s not the only way to get photos onto the site, but man, it sure is the coolest — giving Apple’s new .Mac-required photocasting feature a little competition.

This is, so of course Bubbleshare employs a great deal of Ajax on the site. Our favorite feature is the Ajaxian photo size slider that uses HTML/JavaScript to dynamically resize image thumbnails, and then after the slider is released, swaps out the browser-resized thumbs for higher-quality (presumably pre-rendered) versions.

Bubbleshare is no Flickr, but it does exactly what it says: provides the easiest photo sharing experience we’ve seen, and does it in Ajax style. And yes, it is a beta.

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Ha, be sure to check out the video… ;)

Comment by Thomas Fuchs — January 13, 2006

I HATE BETAs!!! BETAs are everywhere! Every darn web2.0 app is a BETA! It was nice in the beginning, but now it’s just becoming an irritating lack of fantasy?! ..why is the world inhabited by 6 bilions of idiots producings BETA’s apps??
..well, beside that, cool app.

Comment by blextar — January 13, 2006

Thomas: You’re a tease, man. Can’t wait to play with Fluxiom myself.

blextar: +1, dude.

Comment by Ben — January 13, 2006

The other upload methods are cool, as well. It just works so smoothly. If more web apps start using the “use our service first, then sign up” method, I’m definitely going to have some “getting used to” to do.

@blextar: I agree that there are far too many “betas” out there. However, I disagree with you calling them idiots. Many of these beta apps are really quite inventive and I’m really excited to see where they go. And as far as the “beta” tag goes, I think that mostly has to do with the fact that these technologies are really just beginning to be standardized, so people will feel more comfortable (or less angry, take your pick) if their web app doesn’t behave the way they want it to if it says “beta” on it. Remember Google Local was in beta for quite a long time, and GMail is still in “beta,” even though thousands of people use it as their primary e-mail account.

BTW, I just noticed the live preview. Pretty sweet.

Comment by Phil Ridlen — January 13, 2006

The multiple-file-upload function is pretty awsome. Depending on your browser, you either get an ActiveX control (yuck) or a hidden Flash movie that is controlled by Javascript. I’m still working on reverse-engineering it, but there are some articles around the web on using a 100% flash solution to do batch uploads.

Comment by Bryan Buchs — January 13, 2006

Ben: you’re right, i forgot to count you.
Phil Ridlen: I’m also very excited to see where all these BETAs go, and actually a loooot of very good stuff is being produced :) !! But I’m also worried of all the trash that can come from this endless flow of new apps, where it seems that being “cool” is becoming more important that being “well done”. This is just a consideration of mine, anyway. And well, the term ‘idiots’ is surely an exageration, I’m sorry.

Comment by blextar — January 13, 2006

Bryan, I’ve seen other ways of batch uploading too. Check out, they’ve got Java and FTP uploaders (besides regular ActiveX). Well, they probably not that “web2.0’ish”, but I’d take convenience first.

Comment by Danny — January 16, 2006

To be completely fair, Flickr has had an iPhoto plug-in (produced by a third-party, yes, but sanctioned by Flickr) since almost the beginning.

Gallery2 ( has one as well, although it plays in a whole different league.

Comment by Eduo — January 16, 2006

thats an awesome website. nice !

Comment by immobile hessen — March 16, 2006

i never saw something like that before. flickr is an alternative but not as good as bubbleshare. its more fun

Comment by immobile hessen — March 16, 2006

[…] I came across this site this week, BubbleShare. It’s yet another photo-sharing web site. I learned about it thanks to an article on Ajaxian. It’s got a lot of DHTML and AJAX so it’s generating a lot of buzz from that. It’s a very simple site. No real customization options available. The site is in Beta, but if they really want to get people to stick around and distinguish themselves amongst all the other sites, they need to add the ability to create themes and change colors and layouts. […]

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