Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Bug Management with 16Bugs

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Michele Finotto has created a bug tracker with A Rails project and it uses Ajax in various places – for instance, when you edit a field or update the bug’s completion status. The emphasis is on simplicity at the expense of features many smaller projects won’t need.

If you’ve ever tried one of the many bug tracking solutions available around, you know how complex and unfriendly they tend to be. We know it, too.

16bugs was born because we believe bug tracking should be an easy and unobtrusive task. It could even be funny! Not every project needs a plethora of functions which in most cases brings only confusion in both the developers and in the people who want to submit a bug.

There are various pricing plans, including a free plan allowing 1MB of uploads per month.

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 1:34 am

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I’m glad you decided to feature 16bugs – it is a great new service which hasn’t received the attention it actually should have.

PS: Hi Simone Dall’Angelo whoever you are :P

Comment by Chris Boulton — April 3, 2006

Simone Dall’Angelo sent the original message on behalf of 16bugs, but I’ve updated the post after she pointed out to me it’s actually Michele Finotto’s product.

Comment by Michael Mahemoff — April 3, 2006

Looks promising.

Comment by Joe Anderson — April 3, 2006

is anyone going to commit their bug queue to a site that will not be there in six months? this is a serious question, bug tracking history is the dna of a major project, it would seem very very unwise to export this data to a resource that project developers do not directly control.

Comment by fartikus — April 3, 2006

Does this imply that 37signals has only 16bugs, or that it has 592bugs?

Seriously though, great to see another take on bug tracking. And names are scarce…

Comment by frosty — April 3, 2006

fartikus: They have an XML export, so I’m not worried about lock-in.

Comment by Daniel Morrison — April 3, 2006

@fartikus: I hope I’ll still be around in six months, especially given the time I devoted to development. ;)
And Daniel Morrison is right: you can always get away with your XML dump. :)

Comment by Michele — April 3, 2006

This is very interesting. Could be quite useful for a nimble Web 2.0 startup.

I wonder why they call it “16Bugs” though ? Why 16 ? Why not 17 or 15 ?

Comment by varun mathur — April 3, 2006

Very nice but would be even nicer if they offered up some code so we could all run our own swish bug tracking sites…


Comment by Steve Carr — April 21, 2006

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