Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Building a Basic Silverlight Application to talk to PHP

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Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web, desktop, and mobile applications when online or offline.

Silverlight is a free plug-in, powered by the .NET framework and compatible with multiple browsers, devices and operating systems, bringing a new level of interactivity wherever the Web works. Silverlight 4 adds a ton of new features, like webcam, microphone, and printing, to enable you to create incredible applications.

This screencast sponsored by Microsoft shows you how to build a basic Silverlight application in order to talk to PHP.


===Presenter’s Bio===
Michael Kimsal has extensive experience with all levels of web app development in a variety of languages, from early days of basic form processing through creating large scale MVC systems to handle millions of visitors. Having taught PHP at various levels, he is comfortable presenting technical ideas to different levels of audiences.  Michael has dealt classroom applications (logicampus), ecommerce apps, CMS apps, custom business logic utilities, catalog management apps, pay-for content and membership sites, and more.  He has over 13 years of Senior-level IT experience in the areas of reducing business operation costs through use of web technologies, social media technologies, integration and adoption, open source technologies (licensing, adoption, integration, customization), project management and developer mentoring.

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Or not.

Comment by kissmyawesome — June 1, 2010

Well, thing is it’s performance is week on non windows platforms. I mean seriously, compare mono to Java it’s a no brainier. However I haven’t checked it out in several months. The last time I did though, the Linux and Mac versions of Silverlight (moonlight) were ouch slow.

Comment by sourceRoot — June 1, 2010

Yay, I simply cannot wait for the windows-only internet.

Comment by adunn — June 1, 2010

Hmph, I retract my comment. No change to my lack of enthusiasm however.

Comment by adunn — June 1, 2010

PHP and Silverlight? “UgliestScript” and “ActiveX 2.0” on Ajaxian? Are you serious?

Comment by frenchStudent — June 1, 2010

How much does it cost to get my resume posted on Ajaxian?

Comment by LFReD — June 1, 2010

I say bring back the voting system so we can bury this crap.

Comment by LFReD — June 1, 2010

We all love to hate Microsoft for one reason or another. But this time it’s not hate nor the usual fun poking. It seems people in this forum don’t want to be associated to M$ anymore. It also seems as if Silverlight despite of its cool new platform features , it’s somehow old? It’s as if one last attempt to take over what should be open? Yeah, it’s an option for those who can’t get out of the Microsoft world. Heck, if you go to M$ conventions, they call Silverlight web 2.0 and call the current web , web 1.0… seriously, but why does this pitch feel old?

is it because of the failure of the zune? windows vista? or is it the lack of faith in their innovation, what is it? you are running windows 7 aren’t you?

Comment by emailandthings — June 1, 2010

moonlight/silverlight crashes my firefox on linux when ever i go to this page. wonderful

Comment by ryanday — June 1, 2010

No I am not running Windows 7. Clunky old XP at work, OSX at home. Having never used Vista, I can’t understand why 7 gets any positive press at all. Was Vista really so bad that it makes 7 look good? Sad.

Comment by okonomiyaki3000 — June 1, 2010

Please Dion, you’re too good for this. This is just *SAD*…!
I thought you actually *CARED* about Open Web…?
How much did they pay you to get this piece of #### out …?
PS! (@TheWorld)
Before you dismiss me as an MSFT hater, realize that I exclusively develop for ASP.NET. I wouldn’t however touch Silverlight with a phreaking remote-control if it was the last way I could interact with computers in this world.
Funny to see my catch-phrase taking off … :)

Comment by ThomasHansen — June 1, 2010

Now here is something funny…

A flash player in JavaScript

I know this iphone guy who may not be laughing…

Comment by emailandthings — June 1, 2010

Quality of screencast images is terrible. Is somewhere another one with suffucient quality to watch in fullscreen?

Comment by mywebidea — June 7, 2010

@emailandthings it obvious, it’s because of the lack of openness. Microsoft (and as we’ve found out, maybe also Apple) are not interrested in open, they want lock-in.

Comment by SilentLennie — June 8, 2010

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