Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Building a Web-based Ajax POP3 Client

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Once again, DevArticles is back with a new project that I’ve seen many people ask for as a way to keep on top of their email no matter where they are – an Ajax-enabled POP3 client. This article is the first of a three part series to create a simple app that can grab the messages from your mail server.

As you may have guessed, in this article I’ll make my contribution to the developing AJAX universe, by creating a simple web-based POP 3 client, which will utilize “XMLHttpRequest” objects for retrieving messages from a given mail server. The application I plan to develop will use a simple front-end for connecting to the mail host, displaying the messages and navigating back and forth across them. On the server-side terrain, I’ll use PHP for accessing the mail server, pushing POP3 commands and reading messages from the inbox, which implies having the possibility of switching over to your preferred language and using it to create the application.

The article goes through the steps of development – creating the interface, defining the client’s HTML structure, and finally, defining the framework of the Javascript functionality. Each step of the way, code and explainations are provided for this simple application.

There’s no real functionality in this first part – it’s just laying the groundwork for the code to come. The next article will build on this, giving you all of the Javascript code to get the application to start showing some usefulness.

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RoundCube is IMAP, while the above article refers to POP3 protocol.

Comment by tayler — March 30, 2006

Somebody tell me how to monetize it and I will finish this one in a couple of weeks.

Comment by George — March 30, 2006

Give me an ajax outlook + jabber client and I will personally pay for it.

Comment by krazykarl — March 31, 2006

The Yahoo Mail beta gives you pretty much an Ajax Outlook (or Thunderbird). You can hook up POP servers too.

Comment by Dave — April 4, 2006

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