Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Bunny Hunt IV: Ajax Shoot-Em-Up

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In time for Easter, Cameron Adams (The Man in Blue) has released a clean and simple Ajax shoot-em-up: Bunny Hunt IV (caution – link not bunny-safe). The announcement says it all:

In the grand old tradition of making bloodthirsty games about religious holidays, I offer you Bunny Hunt — a tribute to the cute little character that makes Easter such a deliciously chocolate-covered event.

I’d keep any impressionable children away from the screen while you’re playing, it’s rated R-18+ (Rabbits dying over 18 times).

Have a happy Easter!

Posted by Michael Mahemoff at 1:52 am

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Something like this where you have to shoot Canadian seal hunters while they are hunting (eh!) would make me very happy :-)

Comment by Kame Hame — April 5, 2006

So where does the Ajax come into that?

Comment by jason — April 5, 2006

Looks like an ugly, slow Javascript version of what should be a Flash application. Good idea. Wrong tool.

Comment by Chris. — April 5, 2006

Well-done! I’m a fan of Cameron Adams’ style; he’s one of those guys who can build awesome-looking -and- standards-based, accessible sites. His Javascript knowledge apparently isn’t weak either. ;)
Re: Jason’s comment? It’s Ajax Animation, everybody knows that adjusting style.left/width/height/top is obviously XML-driven and thus Ajax! ;) (OK, so I haven’t had my coffee yet.) .. I thought maybe there would be a highscore component, submitting data dynamically and thus XHR etc.
Seriously though, nicely-done javscript game.

Comment by Scott Schiller — April 5, 2006

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