Monday, May 22nd, 2006

Buttonator – Drag & Drop Web Buttons

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Creating an interface for your Ajax application is half of the struggle, so what is a graphically challenged individual supposed to do? Thankfully, there are resources like out there to save the day.

Buttonator is not about mid 90’s online button creation; it has taken a simple idea and made it useable for real web users and designers in the year 2006. Buttonator is becoming a tool that designers want to use!

Not only does the tool allow you to create customized buttons on the fly, but plans are in the works to allow designers to provide “button templates” uploaded to the site to aid in creation of buttons to match your site anytime and anywhere (even by anyone).

You can choose from 15 different button styles, 8 different fonts, and tons of colors for the font and background colors (you can even specify them as HTML color codes). It’s definitely a good resource, and if they can pull off the “button management” options they’re looking for, it will grow even more.

Posted by Chris Cornutt at 7:30 am

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hehe – our corp. content filter thinks this site is porn and won’t let me see it. These guys might want to think of a different domain name! Anyway, the idea as presented on ajaxian seems silly enough that it might actually catch on. The darnest things can happen you know…

Comment by Dave Hemminger — May 22, 2006

Cool! A single, simple idea that is very well executed.

Well Done!

Comment by Kris — May 22, 2006

Buttonator is not about mid 90’s online button creation

Oh, but it is!

Comment by Andy — May 22, 2006

> Oh, but it is!

No kidding. Do we really want to encourage using images for buttons?

Comment by sup — May 22, 2006

Why not just make a button or link element with the desired text and a CSS background image? Make a class for such buttons and it’s easier than building each button in a web page…

Comment by Eric — May 22, 2006

I agree with Eric. An image is not a button – it’s a picture of a button. The rendered label is not text, it’s a picture of text. If this site was serving modular, reusable CSS code and images to style existing, semantically-defined buttons then it would be peachy and keen. What it’s actually doing, though, is defeating the purpose of good markup and clean style/content separation.

Buttonator is not about mid 90’s online button creation

Oh, but it is!

Comment by henrah — May 22, 2006

[…] Found this link on Ajaxian today.  […]

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It is cool :P.

Comment by P.E.LAM — May 24, 2006

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Comment by Vidal — May 16, 2007

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