Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Buxfer: Another Personal Finance 2.0 Site

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Buxfer is another personal finance site, a la Mint.

Todd Ritter reports:

Buxfer has a few interesting features that differentiate it from the others. While it offers auto-syncing of transaction information with your banks and credit cards, budgeting, and expense analysis, Buxfer also has three key characteristics:

  1. Shared Finances – Buxfer allows you to create groups and assign specific finances to those groups to monitor who owes or receives money. For example, you could create a “Cable Bill” group and assign yourself and your roommates to the group to track who has forked over the cash for the Super Deluxe Sports Package.
  2. Google Gears – By using Buxfer’s Google Gears support, you can keep all of your private financial data on your own computer, instead of Buxfer’s servers. The other personal finance sites store your information on their servers, thus out of your control.
  3. Mobile Access – Buxfer has a mobile phone interface and an iPhone-specific interface for accessing your account remotely. You can also use Twitter or SMS to get account balances or to be notified of low balances, large withdrawals, etc.

Buxfer uses a perverted Prototype, and looks fairly Gmail-y with the top right red ‘Loading…’ and such. It looks nice.


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Would be nice if you could set up recurring transactions instead of just reminders…

Comment by Jigs — January 8, 2008

@Jigs: you can indeed do that. Reminders associated with transactions automatically re-enter the transaction as well. (For example, after you add a transaction, if you click on the “Actions -> Repeat transaction” link in the transaction row, it will achieve what you want…Similarly, while adding a new transaction if you hit “More options” and set a reminder, the same will happen.) Sorry about the confusion in naming, we will get that fixed very soon…

Ashwin, co-founder Buxfer.com

Comment by ashwinb — January 8, 2008

I believe buxfer has been around for a while now (I think way before mint) I remember hearing about them when they were doing YCombinator.

Comment by Howard Rauscher — January 8, 2008

Trust me when I say that Quicken Online blows all of these other web 2.0 finance sites out of the water. I am testing it now, and it is stellar.

Comment by xxdesmus — January 8, 2008

how much does quicken cost?

Comment by Eric — January 8, 2008

I wonder if they have plans to support automatic downloads from accounts, like Yodlee. I tossed Mint because of that hassle.

Comment by Michael — January 8, 2008

Just a technical question, how do these applications “talks” to the banks? I mean I know how to process credit cards using paypal basic as well as well as paypal pro, but still curious about this banking stuff.

If anyone knows the technical aspects of it, please do let me know.


Comment by Liming — January 9, 2008

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